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Chicken Coops Fit for the Shire

In 2011, we reported on Wooden Wonder’s Hobbit holes and even interviewed Rocy and Melissa Pillsbury, the couple responsible for the Shire inspired products. Now, we are happy to say that they’ve hatched some pretty amazing chicken coops. There are three different versions: Proudfoot, Lightfoot (also available with an attached run/movable tractor), and Harfoot. You can read more about what each coop has to offer by clicking on the “more info” links.

Hobbit Hole Chicken Coops

We like to say our Hobbit Holes chicken coops are the world’s best reason to keep chickens, but if you’ve got one or two better reasons, we’ll settle for a top three position. Our Hobbit Hole chicken coops not only look great, they have all the great design features you’d expect in a top of the line chicken coop, and then some.”

Proudfoot Hobbit Hole Chicken CoopAll the coops come with perch space and nest boxes for the recommended number of birds per coop. You are able to customize your coop to meet your needs, such as a custom cedar clapboard roof, floor insulation, and a removable washable floor liner to make cleaning easy.

Wooden Wonders makes sure to pay close attention to detail for their creations. All of their homes are hand made in Maine, USA and come with their signature Hobbit styled round front door, windows and curved walls.

Harfoot Hobbit Hole Chicken CoopBuyers can expect excellent customer service, and what’s great is that they’ll be talking to the very same people who designed and built the product. Coops from the current production run will be shipped in mid-February and once those sell out, buyers can expect their coops to be sent out some time in late March. If you are interested in buying one of Wooden Wonder’s chicken coops, keep in mind that orders for them are filled seasonally from February to April and they are now taking orders for their first production run of the season.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, you can call Wooden Wonders at 1-855-462-2484, email them at or use their contact page.

Make sure you explore Wooden Wonder‘s entire site to see all of the Hobbit inspired products they have to offer. I’ve got my eye on the Proudfoot chicken coop! Now all that’s left is to adopt some chickens…

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  1. As soon as I have some extra money, I’m buying all of their products…sheds, playhouses, bunny pen, you name it! Their work is incredible and they are extremely nice people. I’d be so happy to give them all of my money 😀

  2. Thank you for sharing our new Hobbit Hole designs with your readers!