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Hobbit Book Covers through the Years

As reported, later this year, a facsimile first edition of The Hobbit will be released, giving fans and collectors an opportunity to compare the textual deviations of the first edition of The Hobbit from later publications.

For 77 years now, The Hobbit enjoys a never ending popularity. In all these years, not only did the text undergo changes, but the cover as well. Over the years, a various number of beautiful covers were created, each interpreting the story within in a unique way. Understandably, some have the desire to collect them all. I know I do (even though my finances won’t cooperate with this desire).

Here are some examples of the book covers through the ages. Maybe you own some of them already:

One version of The Hobbit I’d love to own someday is this Russian copy from 1976, full of beautiful illustrations.

1976 - Russian translation

1976 – Russian translation

Do you have a favorite book cover? Maybe even an international version that interprets The Hobbit in a very different way? I’d love to see as many different book covers as possible!


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  1. Don’t forget the Finnish/Swedish edition illustrated by Tove Jansson! (:

  2. I think this will always be my one and only Hobbit cover. But my god that green leatherette collector’s edition.. That’s a real beauty.

  3. If you want to see more covers of The Hobbit, do go to my Hobbit collection (some 480 Hobbits in / from 68 languages / countries):