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Cate Blanchett: Jackson has a ‘Refined Sense of Ugly’

Galadriel_marqueeCate Blanchett, who plays Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies says Peter Jackson has, ‘… a refined sense of ugly. He’s so feral and childlike as a filmmaker and up on all the technology. So you completely go there with him.’

Cate was speaking at the  Santa Barbara International Film Festival where she was receiving the award for Outstanding Performer of the Year for her role in Blue Jasmine reports Ventura County Star. The award ceremony took place at the Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, on 1 February, 2014.

Many congratulations to Cate for winning the award for  Outstanding Performer of the Year and good wishes with her nomination for best actress in the upcoming Oscars.

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