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Warriors of the Westfold: Our Kinhouse

After three agonising months of waiting, the Warriors of the Westfold finally got their kinhouse. Having been a member of several other kins in the past, this was not my first kinhouse; I already knew what to expect, so around the time of the Fall Festival, I began hoarding decorations so that when the time came to finally get our house, we would be prepared. As this is the first kinhouse for the other Warriors, I wanted to get their thoughts on this particular type of housing.


Living in a small hobbit hole with modest furniture and only two rooms, our new kinship house looks incredible to my eyes! I love the main hall with the fire and the reflecting pool, my favourite corner is just near the fireplace, where there is also a big Elvish table full of maps. But I can’t forget our enormous yard, Britta put a big Elvish fountain just for me and I love so much jumping here and there with my character in the water. This is totally my favourite outside spot!



As the newest member of Warriors of the Westfold, I was beyond thrilled to jump right into the joys of having a kinship house! This is my first time being part of a kinship so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first thing my Dwarf did was check out the giant Elvish swan fountain that Britta placed out front. It was a sight that reminded me very much of the deleted Rivendell fountain scene from An Unexpected Journey. From there she proceeded to inspect the inside of the house. It really is huge! This is the first kinship house I have visited and I am quite impressed. In fact, I just discovered yesterday that there is even an upstairs level! There is such a comfortable feel everywhere you explore. My wish now is to start collecting some more interesting items and furniture to display.


I’m head over heels excited to finally have a kin house for our kinship! I am glad that we took our time before hand and looked into all the available kin houses throughout the 4 homestead areas in LOTRO. I agree with Maria, while I love my little Hobbit house, I’m not fond of the Hobbit kin houses. They seem too open and square to naturally fit into the Shire-like landscape. The Bree kin houses were exactly what I had pictured in my mind, and I was super excited when everyone else had the same opinion.

Now that the wait is over, the fun part of decorating begins! There goes my TP….


For me, it is the first time being a member of a kin and I’ve never been inside a kin house before. While I do enjoy my hobbit hole, the Bree kinhouse is, for me, just so much better than the hobbit kinhouse. I was truly surprised by its size. Since all my characters’ levels are relatively low, I only have the most basic decoration for them. It was exciting to see all the other contributions (which I’ve used as an inspiration for my hobbit hole).


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