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First Behind the Scenes Look at Smaug


Thanks to fxguide, we now have our first glimpse into the creation of Smaug! You can find their exclusive behind the scenes footage right here.

We will gain much more insight into Smaug’s creation on April 1 when Weta releases their newest book, Unleashing the Dragon.

Come face to face with Smaug the Magnificent, the most realistic, breathtaking and destructive dragon ever to appear on screen, in this gallery of exclusive images that tell the story of how he was created. Packed with stunning, exclusive new images, it reveals how he grew out of thousands of detailed and fantastical concept designs into the beast that is unleashed in awesome digital glory.

It has been recently revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch, the mighty Smaug himself, will provide the foreword. You can pre-order the book now through Weta or Amazon.

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