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The Road Darkens: An Upcoming Saga Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games

road darkens game

Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games, the makers of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, have announced an upcoming expansion. The Road Darkens introduces three new scenarios which allow players to recreate key moments from the second half of The Fellowship of the Ring. The game can be played on its own or combined with The Black Riders expansion to play in Campaign Mode, wherein the Ring begins to weigh more heavily on the player, whose every move holds more significance.

In addition to the three scenarios, The Road Darkens also offers:

  • Two new heroes, including a new version of Frodo Baggins
  • Several powerful and unique allies
  • Eight new boons
  • Seven heavy burdens
  • Three campaign cards to guide players through the fourth, fifth, and six chapters of The Lord of the Rings

The Road Darkens is scheduled to hit retailers in the second quarter of 2014; until then, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

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