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LOTRO Among 2014 MMO Hall of Fame Inductees


Congratulations, LOTRO! Turbine’s popular MMO has been inducted into the 2014 MMO Hall of Fame, along with four other MMOs which have been selected based on their contributions to the gaming industry: Guild Wars (released in 2005), Star Wars Galaxies (released in 2003), Planetside (released in 2003), and Wizard101 (released in 2008).

The MMO Hall of Fame Nominating Committee is comprised of notable individuals in the gaming industry: Carsten van Husen (CEO, Gameforge), J. Todd Coleman (Creator of Shadowbane, Wizard101, Pirate101), Andreas Weidenhaupt (CEO of Infernum Productions), Linda Carlson (Director of Global CR, Sony Online Entertainment), Mark Hill (Senior Product Manager, Perfect World Entertainment), Torsten Meier (Lead Public Relations, Bigpoint), Terri Perkins (Media Strategy Director, Funcom), Richard Vogel (President, BattleCry Studios, A Division of Bethesda Softworks), Eric Bloom (Gamer, Lead Vocalist of Blue Oyster Cult), and Carolyn Koh (MMO Gaming Writer). Members of the committee select ten games each, then forward their choices to the Hall of Fame for tallying. Games which receive 60% of the votes are automatically inducted.

For the complete list of 2014 votes and percentages, please visit the MMO Hall of Fame’s webpage at

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