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Christopher Lee honoured for his commitment for peace and children’s rights at the 64th Berlinale


Every year, Berlin becomes the host for the Berlin International Film Festival, also known as Berlinale, celebrating art and movies. With a public program of approximately 400 movies per year of European and International films, the Berlinale attracts artists and movie makers alike. Since 2002, the initiative Cinema for Peace Gala aims to raise awareness for the social relevance of films and to make active use of the influence of movies and documentaries on the perception and resolution of global social and humanitarian challenges. The Cinema for Peace Gala honours members of the film community, human rights activists and international public figures, and a selection of cinematic works. This year, Sir Christopher Lee was honoured for his commitment for peace and children’s rights.

Among the Tolkien community, Sir Christopher Lee is best known for his portrayal as Saruman the White in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Over the span of his long and successful career, appearing in over 250 film and television productions, Mr. Lee portrayed various iconic characters such as Dracula and Sherlock Holmes. Besides his various passions for acting and music, Mr. Lee is a strong advocate for peace and children’s rights and used his fame to support UNICEF.

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