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Elijah Wood Curates African Music playlist

Elijah Wood

Cover art by Underdog

Elijah Wood and Questlove of The Roots teamed up for a mixtape for the 50th instalment of Okayafrica’s Africa in Your Earbuds series. Elijah Wood’s love for music is not unheard of. Not only is he a known DJ, he started his own record label Simian Records. A few years ago, a rumor circulated that Wood performed under the name ‘Dj Frodo’. However, that rumor was denied soon after by Wood.  In a  Reddit AMA, Wood talked about his passion for music:

 I play a wide variety of music; everything from old soul and funk records, to international pysch music from Brazil and France and Africa, to recently old disco records and early techno records and disco edits. And then, you know, I’ve got old garage rock records too. Pretty much anytime I travel to a new city, the first 2 things I’m looking for are record stores and restaurants.

You can listen to the amazing Africa in Your Earbuds mixtape over here!

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