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Warriors of the Westfold: Our Favourite LOTRO Classes

All of us Warriors have multiple characters – some of us have even gone alt crazy! This week, we’d like to talk about our favourite classes.


When I created my first character, I easily chose the Hunter class, because I had read it was one of the easiest and because I preferred to not take on melee combats. After having tried the other classes, I decided that the Hunter one is my favourite class. Few weeks ago, I purchased the Rune Keeper class and I unexpectedly liked it so much since from the beginning that it became my second favourite class, just after the Hunter one. I am still at the beginning, but after having levelled up my Hobbit Hunter, I’ll enjoy the adventure with my lovely new Elf Rune Keeper.

One thing is certainly clear: I don’t like the melee combats, maybe because they still scare me a little!



When I began playing LOTRO, I started out with a Champion. It was a horrible mistake. I died so many times I lost count. I grew so frustrated, I almost quite playing. Luckily, I decided on a whim to try out a hunter. It was the best decision I ever made.

I found that I really enjoyed being able to take down the baddies before they ever reached me. That, and my character looks super bad a$$ with her bow and arrows. Since my eureka hunter moment, I’ve branched out even further, trying lore-master and burglar. It took me a while to adjust to burglar, but once I got a feel for the class, I had a ton of fun playing my character.

My advice to beginners wondering what class to start out with is to not give up if you don’t like the class you’ve chosen. Find one you enjoy, learn it, and then branch out if you’d like. Oh, and hunter ROCKS. 😉



I’ve dabbled in each class to some extent and enjoy them all for different reasons. I love mowing down enemies with my Champion and Guardian; my Hunter deals massive amounts of damage, and those quick travel skills come in very handy; I enjoy the Companions that go with the Captain and Lore-master classes (the latter especially; my bog-prowler is deadly!); and I love shocking enemies with my Rune-keeper.

I recently started playing a hobbit Burglar; it’s very different from the other classes, but so far I am enjoying it! The only two classes I’ve had a hard time really getting into are the Minstrel and Warden classes. I’m not interested in healing, and I’ve never felt that Wardens bring anything new to my LOTRO experience. That doesn’t mean I won’t give them another chance somewhere down the road, but for now I have more than enough characters to keep me busy!

Of my many characters, I’d have to say, I really love my Hunter. I usually prefer melee combat to ranged fighting, but being able to run and fire arrows is a very handy skill; and the class does come with a few melee skills, so I’m not completely cut off from that style of fighting. Perhaps the best part about playing a hunter is mounted combat. With melee classes, it’s sometimes hard to get close enough to deal any real damage; against my Hunter, no enemy stands a chance!



My two main characters are hunters so, yes, my favorite class is the hunter class. Similar to Arwen, I enjoy to fight my enemies from the distance. I enjoy it so much that it still feels odd whenever I fight with my guardian. Yet, I think, guardian will become my second favourite class. Once I’ve created a minstrel and a lore-master and wasn’t very excited. While it is somewhat exciting to have an animal to accompany you, I feel somewhat useless most of the time. I may give the lore-master class a second chance, but the minstrel class probably not.



The only class in LOTRO I haven’t tried out yet is captain, and I would have to say my all time favorite is the guardian class. It was a surprise for me because I didn’t think I’d enjoy up close fighting so much. I thought I’d have a better time with the hunter class (which is also really fun to play).

I love being able to use almost any weapon, and having a kick ass shield on me at all times is pretty cool. Also I’ve got to admit, hitting bad guys in the face with a shield is oddly therapeutic.

When I play with my other characters I feel vulnerable because I’m so used to having a lot more morale and power. And I’ve become so attached to my hobbit guardian, she is my favorite and I spoil her. Last year I got her the steed of the guardian and named him Diggle. It’s hard to keep them apart now!


Which class is your favourite? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. Liz the Lucky says:

    In order, hunter (I have 4), guard (3), champ (2), rk (2), & burg (1). Basically, I like either zapping baddies at a distance, or whapping them up close. I’ve tried the other classes, and they’re just not me.

  2. I like my captain the best, especially after getting an LI. My second favorite class is my hobbit burglar, I like the different play style.
    I have tried all the other classes up to level 20. They have not grown on me.

  3. I’ve been playing since the Beta and have quite a number of characters, many of them in the high 80s and 90s and four 95s spread across multiple servers. By far my favorite class to play is the Warden. The combination of good damage plus moderate heals lets them hang in fights much longer than most classes and gambits are just fun. I always feel that classic hero feel with a Warden when battling 5 or more mobs while pouring out damage with spear and javelin. In a group containing 2 or more Wardens the pile of bodies that builds around them is fun to watch. I like all the classes and hunters certainly are powerful and fun to play, but for up close and personal combat the Warden is just pure enjoyment.

    • I’ve tried the Warden class a few times and the furthest I’ve made it so far is level 29. I don’t know why I have such a hard time getting into it, but I’m going to keep trying because I hear so many good things about it!

  4. 6 years ago I found LOTRO which honestly renewed my enjoyment in online PC gaming for me. I started off with a champion which is by far a great class, but hard to get used to as well. My favorite class wasn’t found until I created a Mini a year after playing. Now 6 years into the game, 14 alts later, and almost a love for all of the classes… My newest being a burglar and I’m still trying to learn that one. But all in all the Mini as I love healing and they still pack a big DPS!

  5. Brandybuck Burrows says:

    I began with a hunter and discovered quickly there was no pet. After playing a hunter elsewhere with a pet, the concept of no pet put me off. I turned to the loremaster, but soon learned that pets, back in 2007, were not a walk in the park. I turned to the minstrel class and wrestled with the combat yelling for a long time (before we could turn it off). I returned to the hunter to try again. That was a good decision.

    After seven years of trying them all, and seeing many of the wonderful class revamps over time, I came to adore the minstrel class for its warrior skald skills, and the hunter class for its travel skills. I do like runekeeper, but the last class revamp left me a little off-balance. I will get back into the swing again, in time, I’m sure.

    I am not one who enjoys combat, generally, or melee combat specifically. But somehow my little hobbit warrior skald minstrel, with her sturdy club and shield, empowered me… I learned fearlessness from her! Orcs beware!