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Bridge Direct Reveals NEW Hobbit Figures

Good news for fans of Bridge Direct’s The Hobbit collectable figures! Several previously unreleased figures were showcased at this year’s annual Toy Fair held in New York City.

Fans of The Hobbit have not been quiet with their concerns over the lack of characters being represented by Bridge Direct. Most of the characters that are currently out now were from the release of An Unexpected Journey in 2012. Their Wave 1 line included 6″ scale figures of Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin, and Tauriel. The 3.75″ scale figures of Wave 1 were a little more inclusive and added Fili, Kili, Balin, Dwalin, Legolas, the Goblin King, Fimbul and his Warg, Bolg, Gollum, and Grinnah in addition to the previous four. There was huge disappointment upon the unveiling of last year’s much smaller Wave 2, The Desolation of Smaug, figures. Only three new 6″ figures (Legolas, Radagast, and Azog) and one new 3.75″ figure (Thranduil) were released.

According to reports from the Toy Fair earlier this month, it seems that the rest of Thorin’s company, along with Bard and Beorn, will finally get their chance to shine! However, the most exciting news comes from reports of a Smaug “Deluxe Dragon Set” that Bridge Direct currently has in the works. There are unconfirmed rumours going around that this might be their exclusive San Diego Comic Con figure for 2014.

Smaug Tease

Smaug Tease. Photo by

The unreleased Bard and Beorn. Photo by

The unreleased Bard and Beorn figures along with the already released Thranduil. Photo by

Bridge Direct Beorn Bard

A closer look at the unreleased Beorn and Bard figures. Photo by

Bridge Direct Dori

The unreleased Dori figure. Photo by

Bridge Direct Ori Bofur Gloin Thorin Grinnah

The unreleased Ori, Gloin, and Bofur figures along with the already released Thorin and Grinnah. Photo by

Bridge Direct Oin Bombur Bifur Kili Gandalf

The unreleased Oin, Bombur, and Bifur figures along with the already released Kili, Gandalf, Radagast, and Dwalin. Photo by

Bridge Direct Nori Fili Kili

The unreleased Nori figure along with the already released Fili and Kili. Photo by

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