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Celebrate Tolkien Reading Day: Giveaways, Contests, and Prizes!


It’s officially March, which means Tolkien Reading Day (TRD) is not far away. For those of you unfamiliar with TRD, it is celebrated every March 25, the day Sauron was defeated and The One Ring destroyed,  ushering in the Gondorian New Year in Middle-earth.

In celebration of The Professor and his literature, Middle-earth News will be running contests loaded with giveaways and prizes throughout the month of March. Our hope is to spread the love of reading to all fans. Will this year be the first time you pick up a Tolkien book or story? Have you read them all, but have a favorite in mind for TRD? Are you going to be introducing your kids to the world of Middle-earth? Whatever your Tolkien book reading status is, Middle-earth News wants to hear it!

Below you’ll find our official schedule of TRD events. Be sure to check them out, and HAPPY READING, MIDDLE-EARTH!

Tolkien Book Cover Redesign Contest

March 1 – March 23 

Often times when we find ourselves in search of a good book, we seek out the ones with the most enticing cover art. The various styles used and choices made by illustrators have been the topic of many debates among fans of the books behind these covers. Have you ever found the artist in you thinking about which scenes would have made the best cover for a book? Well here’s your chance to showcase your ideas! In honour of Tolkien Reading Month, Middle-earth News is holding a Tolkien Book Cover Redesign Contest.

Tolkien Haiku Contest

March 11 – March 25

It’s Tolkien Reading Day on March 25, 2014, and to celebrate, we’re holding a Tolkien-themed haiku contest. This is your chance to write a haiku on anything Tolkien – the Professor or his work – that inspires you. The contest starts 11 March and will run until 23 March. The winner, which the Middle-earth News staff shall judge to have written the best haiku, will be announced on Tolkien Reading Day. Click here for more information and to enter the Tolkien Haiku Contest.


Prizes for these contests have been donated by our friends at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Funko. Join in the fun and you could be one of the lucky winners of some great prizes!



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  1. I’m going to be re-reading The Hobbit! It seems fitting, starting out in The Shire during March.

  2. For anyone who does not know, today, March 1, is Aragorn’s birthday.

  3. I’ll be reading The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and Farmer Giles of Ham. (Just finished Tree and Leaf- Essay on Fairy-stories, and Leaf by Niggle)

  4. Just reading those very words: ‘the day Sauron was defeated, the One Ring destroyed’ makes my heart clench with the poignancy of such a pyrrhic victory.

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  6. Aleria Hurks says:

    I finally finished read the rest of The Fellowship of the Ring about a week ago. Now this month I’ll start work on reading The Two Towers, the Two Towers is my favorite out of the trilogy 🙂

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  8. Currently reading ‘History of Middle-earth: Part 2’ and reading all about the plot development of Lord of the Rings- fascinating stuff. Strider was originally called Trotter, and Frodo was Bingo. Great website 🙂 Oh, I’ll still be reading the book by March 25th, it’s a complete epic.

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