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Tolkien Reading Day Haiku Contest


Extra prize news!
A big thank you to The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth who have donated a prize for our Tolkien Reading Day‬ haiku contest!

In addition to the other great prizes, the winner will receive a

Heroic Haiku Chest which includes 5x Train with Gandalf
Equal Chance to win one of the following pieces of Gear
1x Havoc Gear
1x Marksman/Guardian Gear
1x Ent Gear
1x Thieves Gear


It’s Tolkien Reading Day on March 25, 2014, and to celebrate, we’re holding a Tolkien-themed haiku contest. This is your chance to write a haiku on anything Tolkien – the Professor or his work – that inspires you. The contest starts today and will run until 23 March. The winner, which the Middle-earth News staff shall judge to have written the best haiku, will be announced on Tolkien Reading Day.

There are prizes, too! The winner and one runner-up will receive a prize donated by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt or Funko (details to be announced).

To enter, simply write your haiku in the comments box below. Remember, a haiku is five syllables, then seven, then five.

I’ll start.

Hobbit homes. Holes in
The ground, with architecture
That’s round – like a ring.

Your turn!

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  1. Jonah Arndt says:

    Battle of Maiar
    Broken Mountaintop, Shadow,
    Fire, You Shall not Pass

  2. Jonah Arndt says:

    Five from Valinor
    Sauron’s great opposition
    The Wizard’s Council

  3. Why do we walk when
    we can mount on eagles’ wings
    instead? Fly you fools!

  4. Strider guided them
    The Fellowship faced fierce foes
    Journey from darkness

  5. Entwives dance a ring
    With Goldberry, athelas
    blooms; Middle Earth spring

  6. Saruman’s tower
    Lording over treachery
    The Ents have their day

  7. Dust of Elven gems
    Through the door of night, starless
    Vigilot glistens

  8. Silver and gold
    Trees forever lamented
    Silmarils extant

  9. Dragons roar, Rings melt
    Silmarils are earth and stars
    Our hearts remember

  10. I love this old book
    Hobbitses, Elves, and Dwarveses
    The Hobbit: Tolkien

  11. 25th of March.
    Let us celebrate, my friends,
    Tolkien Reading Day!

  12. Unbelievable world
    Of wonders and adventures –
    World of Tolkien’s books.

  13. four little hobbits
    fight the evils of Sauron,
    no task is too big.

  14. Hobbit’s farthest step,
    Away from fear into bravery,
    Saves elves, men, and home.

  15. lost in Tolkien’s words,
    we cross the seas to Middle
    Earth. our entmoot.

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  17. Dom O'Connor says:

    Every Hobbit knows
    to invite the great Gandalf
    to Elevensies.