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NEW Treasures From Weta Workshop

Weta Workshop revealed several exciting new items available for purchase in their most recent newsletter.

Weta Gold Treasure Coins

You can now personally own some of Smaug’s treasure! The pouch filled with 5 unique golden coins from Smaug’s treasure hoard is available here.

Deep within the mountain kingdom of Erebor a lake of gold and precious jewels laps at the green stone pillars of the ancient Dwarf city.

Stamped in the gold smithies of a long-dead Dwarf king, they glitter like so many dew-kissed autumn leaves lying thick upon a bleak forest floor, a sad, twinkling monument to a once proud race made humble by the great worm.

Weta Fili Statue

The newest Dwarf to Weta’s line of 1/6 scale statues is Thorin’s loyal nephew, Fili.

Wielding twin Dwarven swords and bristling with knives, Fili the Dwarf is a well-trained, natural fighter, a true royal heir forged in the fashion of the Longbeard kings he is destined to succeed: Durin, Thror and Fili’s uncle Thorin Oakenshield™.

Yet Fili is a Dwarf Prince without a kingdom. The Dragon Smaug has taken Erebor, the last great city of the Dwarves, and it is with the ambition to help his uncle reclaim the lost heritage of his forefathers that Fili joins Thorin on the Quest.

Weta Dragon Scale Bookmark

The third and final new product is a red leather bookmark with dragon scales!

The seemingly impenetrable scales of the great dragon Smaug the Magnificent. The fire within the beast casting an ominous glow on anyone standing too close.

Embossed on a deep red leather bookmark.

All of these items and more are available from Weta’s website.

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