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Warriors of the Westfold: This Week in LOTRO

Sometimes it’s fun to just talk about our recent experiences in LOTRO, provided we have enough time to play during the week!


Unfortunately this week I didn’t play so much, but at least I leveled up and now I almost reached level 40. This is an incredibly high level for me, seeing my skills in video games!

I’m still questing in Evendim, this is one of my favourite place, the lake and its water are stunning and sometimes I enjoy a swim here and there. I finished all my duties at the Emyn Muil and I started a new group of quests at the small island in the north of the lake.



This week I’ve been taking my level 16 Dwarf, Rumki, questing around Ered Luin. Rumki’s greatest goal at the moment is to obtain the Prized Thorin’s Halls Goat! The only way to achieve this goal is to gain Kindred standing with Thorin’s Hall. She still has quite a way to go but made some pretty good progress this week!

Apart from gaining reputation, I’ve seen many interesting creatures this week. Lots of cave-claws, spiders, wolves, blue-crags, hendrevail, and thickjaws. However, Rumki’s greatest enemy this week have been the ruthless Dourhands! Luckily her new crossbow has served her very well!



I’ve been rotating between all of my characters this week, mainly focusing on getting my Lore-master through Moria, but also getting caught up on crafting. My Rune-keeper is nearly finished in Lothlórien; from there, she’ll be heading on to Mirkwood. My newly created Guardian is slowly making his way through the Lone-lands, one of my least favourite spots. And my three level 85+ characters are in different parts of Rohan. I’ll probably shift my focus to one of them soon just so I can get them closer to the level cap.

Additionally, I rolled a few alts on Laurelin, but I’m not sure when I will actually begin to play them. I’d really like to get my Landroval characters through their respective zones before I switch over to new characters.



I’m currenty questing in Evendim too. Even though I love that region I needed some time “off” and decided to explore regions in Middle-earth I’ve never been to.

I’ve accepted some quests in Evendim in Emyn Muil involving Wood-trolls. These quests were two or three levels too difficult for me and after dying a few times too often I decided to have a break and try to level up elsewhere. This levelling up turned into an exploration of Angmar, Forochel, Trollshaws, and the North Dows. I have a premium account and the only region I’ve bought so far is Evendim ehich means I wasn’t able to quest in any of those other reagions. But I really really can’t wait! I think I’ll buy Forochel next. I was just blown away with the colours and the beauty of that region. 

I also tried to explore Erigion, but as soon as I’ve reached the Giant Valley in the Trollshaws, filled with giants and dragons I’ve decided it might be time to go back to Evendim to complete my quests.



This week in LOTRO I continued my journey through Moria and I made it out! I was finally able to breathe some fresh air again… well, I should say my hobbit guardian was. I was so excited to make it out because that means I could finally start exploring Lothlorien, but sadly that will have to wait. With all the excitement I forgot about the book quests.

The final quests were the most fun for me, mostly because I got to go to The Bridge of Khazad-dûm, and while I was there all I could hear was Frodo yelling “GANDALF!!!” Once I was finally out of Moria, I got a quest that required me to pick flowers and plant them, in memory of the dwarves who died in Moria. As for the book quests, I got to do a session play as Ori at the time of his death. It was very intense but also very sad. It increased my respect for the dwarves.

All in all, I really enjoyed my time in Moria. I died many times, all of which were the result of accidentally falling to my death. Can’t wait to bring my other characters through that place now that I have some experience.


What did you do in LOTRO this week? We’d love to hear about your adventures and accomplishments in the comments below!

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  1. just found this site, and want to say this is very charming to read! I sympathize heartily with Myla’s Falling Deaths in Moria; the first time I went there, I got lost, and ran in circles for several hours just in the first area!