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Peter Jackson Sends a Message to Reece

MartinFreeman_PeterJackson_TheHobbitPeter Jackson has sent Reece Puddington a video message!

Readers will remember that, back in February, we reported on how 11 year old Reece Puddington had created a bucket list, for Reece is seriously ill with cancer neuroblastoma. One of the items on the list was to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

When Peter Jackson got to hear about the bucket list he said he wanted to “send something special” to Reece, so Peter recorded a video message just for him. Reece’s mum Kay said, “It made him feel really special. The message was all hobbit-related and he said some goodies are on the way too. It was amazing that the director of The Hobbit films was thinking about Reece.
“We’re so humbled by the response Reece’s wish list and story has received.”

Reece also received some gifts from Weta Workshop which included an art and design book and a T-shirt reports The Canterbury Times.

Everyone at Middle-earth News would like to send Reece our sincere best wishes. We’re glad that so many of his dreams have been realised.

You can find out about the Reece Puddington appeal on Facebook.

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