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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Upcoming ‘Trouble in Tharbad’ Adventure Pack

Earlier this week, Fantasy Flight Games announced the third adventure pack in the Ring-maker Cycle of its popular release, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

In Trouble in Tharbad, your heroes must help Nalir extricate himself from the unfortunate predicament into which he has placed himself. You must battle Orcs, slip through abandoned streets, and seek to elude the spies from Mordor who have also taken an interest in the Dwarf and his information. Throughout the scenario’s course of events, you must remain vigilant in order to keep Nalir alive. Should he perish, so will your chances of returning his information to Saruman, and the White Wizard’s efforts to counter the threat of Mordor will be diminished.

FFG Tharbad

Fantasy Flight Games

Also included in the Trouble in Tharbad pack are:

  • A new Silvan hero
  • Three copies of each new player card
  • More support for the Silvan and Gondor traits
  • The Doomed X keyword
  • Decks that keep their threat levels at twenty or below

In addition to the Silvan trait, players will also be able to call upon the wind-lord Gwaihir for assistance.

Trouble in Tharbad is scheduled to hit retailers late in the second quarter of 2014. Be sure to follow Fantasy Flight Games to keep up to date!

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  1. Fantasy Flight Games is awesome! They are literally located blocks away from my home! They have a great gaming area and retail store now too, with an upscale cafe.