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Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund Fantasy Film, ‘The Rangers’

Not only is Ron Newcomb a good friend of ours, he also happens to be the Director and Producer of Rise of the Fellowship (ROTF), a film about a group of gaming nerds who together, form a fellowship and defeat a notorious group of gamer bullies. While ROTF is now available in stores and on Netflix, Ron is ready to launch the production of his next film, The Rangers.

“The Rangers has been forming in my mind for as long as I can remember,” admitted Ron, when I asked him where and when the idea first originated. “It is every tale and story that made an impact on me. After my film, Rise of the Fellowship, I knew two things: first, I was ready to now do a fantasy film, and second, I wanted my lead to be actor, Wolf J. Sherrill (Baba Melvin in ROTF).”

But in order to see the project come to completion, Ron first needs help funding it. To do that, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign. One visit to their campaign site, and fantasy fans will get a feel for how much work Ron and his team have put into the project. There you’ll be introduced to the films various characters, the team behind the film, and how folks can help out.

“Rangers will be a new and fresh story, but also have a familiar feel. We are offering so many ways for fans to immerse themselves in the story,” Ron promises. “It’s my hope fans will not just be fans, but become content creators themselves; having adventures within the world we’ve created for them. I’d like for them to feel inspired and know life is never meant to be lived alone. It is my desire that people feel hope.”

If those reading have an itch to audition for a part in The Rangers, there is hope for you yet! Ron explains, “We are allowing people to put up a YouTube audition, with guidelines right on our web site. Simply go on our site, put together a monologue, and put it up on YouTube.”

We wish Ron and his new fantasy film, The Rangers, all the best, and can’t wait to see the final product completed.

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  1. carlypasta says:

    This looks like an awesome idea! The rangers are such an interesting set of people, I’d love to see more of them covered.