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Warriors of the Westfold: Things We Can’t Stop Spending Money On

Sometimes you just can’t resist the temptation to purchase an exclusive treat or account upgrade from the LOTRO Store, or to spend much of your hard-earned gold and silver at the Auction House.


Now that my main character has almost reached level 40, I have many gold and silver, and I mainly use them to purchase special items once I’m kindred with one of the factions (my last big purchase has been the Prized Mathom Society Pony). But I also use my gold and silver for the upkeep of my house, maybe one day I’ll be able to purchase a deluxe one.

Turbine Points are more difficult to gain, so I usually save them and I follow all the sales, to find the lowest prices. My last purchase has been the Cloak of the Fallen Leaves and the third Cosmetic Outfit Slot for my main character.



The currency I most frequently use and abuse are Turbine Points. In the last year, I have spent points on warsteed armour sets and steed colours for my three applicable characters; enhanced experience tomes when I briefly dropped back down to a free-to-play account and no longer received rested experience; and, most recently, more character slots! And with the announcement of a new class coming soon, you can bet I’ll be purchasing one more character slot!

As for in-game currency, such as gold and silver, I tend to use them for things my characters truly need, mainly legendary weapons and crafting resources (when I’m feeling too lazy to go out and farm them myself, and only if the price is right!).



I have to admit that I spend a ridiculous amount of Turbine Points on those sturdy keys. Most of the time, nothing too exciting was in one of those boxes opened by a study key. But ever since I’ve once got 8 Mithril coins, I cannot hold back and have to purchase a key whenever necessary. As for those Mithril coins, I still can’t decide on what to use them for.

Somehow, I haven’t used any turbine points to buy a cosmetic outfit, yet. However, that has to change very soon. Most of my armour (or house decorations) are bought by in-game currency. I’ve been trying to save up some gold coins in order to buy a deluxe house in Falathlorn. As much as I love my Hobbit-hole, I can’t resist the temptation to own an elven deluxe house!



Looking back at my purchases, my biggest TP splurges were on a character slot and two ponies for my hobbit guardian (she’s spoiled). I have come really close to buying myself other mounts and some cosmetics but each time I managed to talk myself out of it. Now, when it comes to in game money, I need to constantly force myself to stay AWAY from auction houses. Because once I’m in there I’ll spend an embarrassingly large amount of coin on dyes (because I’m too lazy to learn how to make my own) and the occasional decoration for my house. I haven’t gone to any auction houses lately because the majority of my time has been taken up my Moria, so that has been a blessing in disguise.

When I’m not hanging out in auction houses, you can find me spending coin on reputation mounts, vault upgrades and upkeep for my cozy home in the Shire homesteads.

What kinds of things do you spend your Turbine Points, Mithril Coins, or gold and silver on?

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  1. My biggest tp expenditure was toward my war-steed appearance. When tp was last on sale, I used it to buy the Tobiano hide and red chestnut dye pack, plus two accessories. At level 95, I tend to hoard my gold and not spend much (typical dwarf!), but’s generally cosmetics, when I do.