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Get Talking Tolkien on our New Google+ Community Page!

Today is Tolkien Reading Day! The One Ring has been destroyed, Sauron is vanquished, and the Gondorian New Year is here! To celebrate, we’re launching our very own Google+ Community Page.


What we at Middle-earth News enjoy most about our job is being able to meet such incredible fans on a daily basis. From artists and poets to linguists and movie buffs, each of you share a vital part in keeping the Tolkien fandom alive and strong.

While we enjoy being able to interact with you on our social feeds, we wanted to take our conversations a step further by introducing our Google+ Community Page. This new social format opens up a world of discussion topics waiting to be chatted about. Have a case against Balrogs with wings?  Are you one of those freakishly smart people who can speak and write in Quenya? New to the fandom, but don’t know who to turn to for all those questions you have? Never fear, our discussion topics are here! We’ve chosen our topics to encompass all levels of fandom, so whether you’ve been quoting Tolkien since birth or have only just heard mention of the Professor’s name, you’ll feel welcome with us.

In order to ensure our community is a welcoming place for all fans, a set of Fellowship Guidelines have been put in place. Once you have had a chance to look over them, check out our Community Page, join in the fun, and get talking Tolkien!


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