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Seventeen year-old Alexandra Trim designed these Shire and Mordor themed shoes for a customer. Luckily, she seals all of her shoes to be protected from water and dirt, otherwise one might be too afraid to wear them! She sells her custom shoes under the label BBEE Shoes; you can find her work on Etsy, DeviantArt, Facebook, and on her website. (Evie Bowman)

John D. Rateliff of Sacnoth’s Scriptorium noticed that it didn’t take long for Tolkien’s not-yet-released Beowulf translation to climb to the top of Kindle’s epic poetry Best Seller list. As of March 21, it held the #1 spot, though it has since been nudged to #2 by a little story about the Trojan war by some Homer guy. (Valdis)

Legendarium Ladies April is an open event on Tumblr “to celebrate and give love to Tolkien’s female characters.” Different prompts will be offered to hopefully help inspire participants on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout April. This is an event for the women of Tolkien’s legendarium, that is The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Unfinished Tales, and History of Middle-earth, but also for associated fandoms (Peter Jackson’s versions, the Rankin-Bass movies, fanfilms like Born of Hope, games like Lord of the Rings Online); any medium that deals with Tolkien in any way is fair game! (via Middle-earth News Twitter follower @jobot935)


This Hobbit-inspired lip balm from Etsy shop GeekFireLabs smells like fresh, warm pancakes dripping with butter and maple syrup. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys first and second breakfasts! (Maria Moa)

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo announced a special event–Middle-Earth EXPOsed: Song, Comedy, & The Magic Of Weta–that will feature appearances by Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Manu Bennett, and Weta’s Richard Taylor. You can purchase tickets for the April 25 event through their website. (Amanda Capley)

Orlando Bloom spoke at “We Day” as it kicked off its first California event on March 26 with 16,000 students and teachers from over 400 schools gathering together in Oakland’s Oracle Arena. The students who attended took part in a year-long school program called We Act, and everyone earned their ticket by doing one local and one global community service project. Click here to watch a clip from Orlando’s speech.(Evie Bowman)

It took Blake Baer and Jack Bittner 400 hours to construct their 80,000-piece LEGO Erebor. Was it worth it? Totally! (Lily Milos)


Every week, our Middle-earth News reporters seek out Tolkien/Hobbit/LOTR goodness and tag their finds with their names. If you have something to contribute, please submit it using the Got News Precious link at the bottom of the page.

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