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Peter Jackson Reported in Serious Talks to Direct ‘Doctor Who’


Director Peter Jackson may be moving closer to a first take on directing an episode of ‘Doctor Who.’

Peter Jackson is a self-proclaimed fan of Doctor Who. Jackson has said in the past that he would direct Doctor Who as long as he received a Dalek in payment. reported earlier today that, according to spoilers by DoctorWhoTV, discussions over Jackson’s directing a Season 8 episode for Doctor Who are “becoming serious.” If an agreement is reached for Jackson to direct in the new season, it will most likely be an episode toward the end of the season. Several other directors (Ben Wheatley, Paul Murphy, Douglas Mackinnon, and Paul Wilmshurst) have already signed on to direct episodes in Season 8. There is also the fact that Jackson remains very busy with The Hobbit: There and Back Again, with its December 2014 release date.

With all of space and time at his fingertips, where would Peter Jackson take Doctor Who? Perhaps we will find out in Season 8.

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