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Warriors of the Westfold: Fabulous Fashion


One of the things that I mostly love of LOTRO is the huge number of cosmetics that can be purchased or bartered. Every time I discover new colorful dresses or leggings and so I can’t have a favourite. I like to dress up my Hobbit Elf according to the places she visits, that’s why I purchased another cosmetic slot for my characters.

Here there are the three outfits of the moment for my Hobbit Hunter:

  • Mathom Long-sleeved Tunic and Trousers + Feathered Fel Hat
  • Wintry Yule Robe + Spiral-horned Snow-beast Cloack
  • Restored Runecarver’s Jacket + Leggings + Brushed Leather Boots

The first outfit is perfect when my Hobbit quests in Evendim or strolls in the Shire; the second outfit is worn when my Hobbit meets the Elves and explores the Trollshaws, or when she simply wants to be classy around the streets of Bree; the third outfit perfectly fits in snowy places like Thorin’s Hall and Forochel.

As you may noticed, I don’t use so much the cloaks (even if the one of the Fallen Leaves is gorgeous!), because I prefer seeing the body of my Hobbit when she runs, and the cloaks, even if they are beautiful, covers too much of the little Hobbit. So I prefer to let them be worn by the Big People.



My Dwarf Hunter, Rumki, was lost to the world of LOTRO fashion for quite some time. All of her outfits she obtained seemed to only reinforce the common misconception that all LOTRO Dwarves are male. This could not be farther from the truth! She began to fear all hope was lost until she met the charming (and quite handsome) human, Bregolad. He quickly dashed over to the nearest mailbox and sent Rumki an Exquisite Short-sleeved Dress. From the moment she put it on, she felt stunning! The colours seemed to match her hair, beard, and eyes perfectly! It made her feel beautiful yet at the same time allow her to continue her fierce fighting ways. Now she could help eliminate that horrible misconception regarding female Dwarves while taking down a few Dourhand warriors at the same time!



Wardrobe is where all my TP gets blown. When Lalia’s Market opened up I was its best customer – no joke. I think the fascination it holds is how much I can personalize my characters.  I mean, look how many Elf hunters are out there, and yet, mine has her own look and personality.

Yes, outfits are just a small part of LOTRO. There are quests, festivals, and events, not to mention the community centered around the game. But if you’re going to go killing loads of baddies in Middle-earth, why not look bad ass doing it, eh?



I am a very fashion-conscious MMO player, especially in LOTRO, where I have enough money, Turbine Points, and reputation at my disposal to purchase a variety of outfits. More often than not, I combine various pieces of armour, rather than purchase actual cosmetic items. Having characters of all genders and races, it’s also a fun challenge to come up with outfits befitting of their natures.   

Bregolad has been the most fun to outfit; everything looks good on him! Dress-wise, I’ve found my Hobbit Simbelmyna to be the most suitable; robe-wise, my Dwarf Bodivar is the best pick.

While I love some outfits (or parts of them) so much that I’ve used them on multiple characters, I try to give them each a specific outfit to call their own.



I have to admit that I’m cheap when it comes to buy my characters cosmetic outfits. Usually I’ll buy them an armour with in-game currency and that’s it. But occasionally there is something awesome available. Most times I’ll go and buy an outfit at the skirmish camps.

The favorite outfit of my hobbit is an un-specified leather outfit in purple. I don’t know why but I love purple on her. She looks so badass.

There is, however, a cosmetic outfit that I’ve bought. It’s the Hauberk of the Greenwood. I can’t bring myself to change her outfit.

My dream is to one day own enough Mithril coins to buy me one of those outfits. There is no specific I want to own, all seem so amazing!


What are some of your favourite/must-have outfits in LOTRO? 

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  1. Alice Greenleaf says:

    In my opinion, dresses fit for the Hobbits and leggings for the Elves 😀