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Celebrate 7 Years of LOTRO!

LOTRO will be celebrating its 7-year anniversary with the Anniversary Festival, which will run from 16-29 April. During that time, players will receive special gifts based on their signup date and membership status.

All players will receive festival fireworks; Premium and VIP players will receive gifts “for the highest year their account has been active”. If your account is currently Free to Play, you have until April 13 to upgrade your account to Premium or VIP to become eligible for more rewards.

lotro 7 anniversary

1-Year (accounts created April 30, 2013 or earlier)

  • 1-year character portrait frame
  • Anniversary Fireworks

2-Year (April 30, 2012 or earlier)

  • 2-year character portrait frame
  • 3x Tomes of Continuing Swiftness (60 min duration)
  • 1 +5% Attack Damage (90 min)
  • 10 Battle Potion of Restoration

3-Year (April 30, 2011 or earlier)

  • 3-year character portrait frame
  • 3 Loot box keys

4-Year (April 30, 2010 or earlier)

  • 4-year character portrait frame
  • Azure Festival Clothing

5-Year (April 30, 2009 or earlier)

  • 5-year character portrait frame
  • Festive Azure Steed

6-Year (April 30, 2008 or earlier)

  • 6- year character portrait frame
  • Festive Azure War-Steed Appearance Set

7-Year (April 30, 2007 or earlier)

  • 7- year character portrait frame
  • A Shield-Cloak
  • 1 Loot box Key
  • Monster Play characters: “Dancing” Emote
  • Monster Play characters: 5% Attack Damage x5

If you are unsure of how long you’ve been playing LOTRO, log in to, where your signup date will be listed underneath your subscription information.

For frequently asked questions regarding the festival rewards, visit

And if this is your first Anniversary Festival, or you just want to relive last year’s, check out the 6th Anniversary Guide from Casually Strolling Through MMOs.

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