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Luke Evans Talks Bard the Bowman and the Set of Laketown

laketownThe love triangle among Legolas Greenleaf, Tauriel the Elf, and Kili the Dwarf, seen in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, has upset many fans, because the story takes a completely different path from the book. But, don’t worry, because Luke Evans reassures us about his character, Bard the Bowman, who will be too busy for a spot of romance.

“He’s incredibly eligible, but he becomes the leader of the human army, and he’s got a big job ahead of him in the third one. But I do hope he finds a good woman,” said Evans.

We met Bard the Bowman for the first time at the floating city of Laketown, helping the Company of Thoring Oakenshield to enter the town and secretly fighting against the unfair regime of the Governor, played by Stephen Fry. The set of Laketown was “humungous,” according to Evans. “It filled the King Kong stage in Wellington, which is the largest soundstage in the southern hemisphere.” Also the set was covered by 60 tonnes of Epsom salts to give Laketown a wintry blanket of snow, and Evans states he “was finding Epsom salts everywhere for like a month afterwards”.

Finally, when they ask him if he got to take home the Bard’s Black Arrow, the only weapon to be able to defeat Smaug, Evans answers: “The Black Arrow is like two metres, it’s about as tall as me,”!


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