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Warriors of the Westfold: LOTRO’s 7th Anniversary Festival (and Giveaway!)

Festivals are a fun way to unwind in LOTRO. They are a nice change of pace from the usual questing and crafting adventures – not to mention they’re an easy way to level up a new character, or to start role-playing. This month, LOTRO is celebrating its 7th Anniversary, and from April 16-29 is rewarding players based on their membership status.

This week, we have three PC DVD copies of The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar and The Lord of the Rings Online: the Mines of Moria, courtesy of Turbine, to give away. Read on for more rules and information!


I was pretty excited when the Anniversary Festival started, because it was my very first one. I love these events in LOTRO, because places like Bree become alive, full of players and it’s funny!

I took all the quests with my main character, but I always failed the horse races, so I decided to not spend time with them and I focused myself on the other quests. My favourite one is Lost Invitations, thanks to this quest I won the lovely and funny /toast emote and a stunning War-steed Cosmetic Set called Reveler’s Gilded Appearance. Unfortunately I don’t own a War-steed yet, but now I can’t wait to level up to try my winnings!

Also I spoiled my main character with other two ponies (and respective outfits): the Teal Fireworks Laden Steed and the Steed of Odogil. My favourite cosmetic is definitely the Decorated Cake Topper.


I’ve been playing LOTRO for five years now, so unfortunately, I got all of the big rewards during last year’s festival (although I finally got the Azure Festival Steed this year). Still, there are plenty of rewards to be bartered for, so I’m never at a loss!

I was extremely impressed with the new mount, the Steed of Odogil – and even better was the fact that the war-steed caparison only cost 10 tokens, so I immediately grabbed it for my eight heroes.

I’ve spent most of the festival so far on my Dwarf, Bodivar. He’s my newest character, so he’s lacking in horse ownership. I managed to get him the Teal Fireworks-laden Steed and the Steed of Odogil (and, of course, the matching robe and cloak set!). I also finally finished the Moria Cartographile deed on each of my toons. In all, I’d say it’s been a pretty successful festival for my toons so far.

The only downside to the Anniversary Festival is the lack of available quests. The ones that offer a fair amount of XP and festival tokens (such as the Gift-giving quests) have a three-day cooldown.


I’m playing LOTRO for less than a year, so this is my first anniversary. Consequently, I can’t give any comparisons on previous ones. It has been an interesting experience for many reasons. I was surprised that the few anniversary quests available, in comparison to the Yule festival. Sometimes, these few quests caused issues. I’m sure I’m not the only one that had their envelopes or firework spots stolen by other players. Of course, it is not such a big deal, but different people steal your firework spot three times in a row, it can be very frustrating.

Nevertheless, the anniversary festival had many great facets. Couldn’t help but stop and listen every time an impromptu concert was given! I’ve stumbled across some many great performances! The festival made me think of how devoted many players are. Some being a part of LOTRO since the earliest beginnings. Despite my short time being a part of it, I’m strongly attached to my three main characters, I really can only imagine how important all this must be for people playing for seven years now!


I couldn’t wait for the Anniversary festival because it would be the first one I participated in, and I wanted to get my hands on some gifts. I’ve only been a member for two years so the gifts weren’t AMAZING but I do love my new character frame!

Festivals mean new mounts, new cosmetics and easy XP… all good things. I was bracing myself for the latest tablecloth steed, and was pleasantly surprised, I LOVE the Steed of Odogil, and the Odogil cosmetics. The quests are pretty fun, though it took a long time for me to master the art of catching flying invitations. Last time I logged on and did that quest, I got some war steed cosmetics which will have to be left unused until I get my war steed. Still going to try and get the toast emote! In addition to the Odogil goodies, I got a Teal Fireworks Laden steed, the matching pack, and the decorated cake topper.

Oh, and I love the fireworks! I lost count as to how many screen shots I have of just the firework show in Bree.


The Lord of the Rings Online PC DVD Giveaway

We love to talk about our own LOTRO experiences, but we like to hear about yours, too! Leave us a comment below (screenshots are always welcome, but not required) telling us why you love the game so much, what makes you keep coming back, or what your favourite experience in LOTRO has been. We’ll select three of the most entertaining entries to receive a PC DVD copy of The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar and The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria.


  • Must be a resident with a US mailing address
  • Submissions must be appropriate and family-friendly
  • One entry per person. Multiple entries will not be considered.
  • The contest will end at 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, April 29. We’ll announce the winners the following day.

All of us at the Middle-earth News would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the folks at Turbine for providing us with copies of the game to give away!

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  1. J. Indelicato says:

    I love Lotro as it is a mature fan base with a strong, durable storyline. It is timeless story that is family friendly and contains a wealth of lighthearted casual opportunities. Baking pies, finding lost items, fishing. It gives a chance to escape from the world, into another world.

  2. There are plenty of friendly people and Kinships on LOTRO to fellowship, quest, and just hang out with. There are some fun Festivals to participate in, such as the Anniversary, and Yuletide festival. It’s overall a fun MMORPG, built well, and it’s Lord of the Rings themed too! That is why I love the game so much.

  3. Will Laatsch says:

    I love Lord of The Rings Online because of the rich fantasy and amazing adventures. I love how I can just get lost in the storyline for hours, just wanting to go on and learn more about the fate of The Fellowship and the evils of Mordor. Friendship and fellowship are vast and never ending in this game. One of my best experiences with LOTRO was visiting the Elves of Lothlorien and seeing the beautiful city of Caras Ghaladhon in all its magnificence. This is why I love the game, The Lord of The Rings Online.

  4. Well, I’m a veteran and retired RPG player. Yup, retired, adulthood responsabilities had left little time to the hobby. MMORPG, although, is nothing new to me. I’m actually very used to most of eletronic game styles, and besides the core mechanics of LOTRO being very similar to other MMORPG, its cenary and backstory really made me a fan of it.

    One of my favorite entertainments is to read some part of “The Book” to later find it’s online correspondency in-game. The Shire reflects very well how the game is loyal to the “Tolkienian lore”.

    Recently I’d presented the game to my daughter. She had not read The Hobbit yet. The game however is making her anxious about it and beyond.

    So, that’s why I love this game.

    P.s.: I just read the rules now. I’m not resident in USA. Anyway, take it as a testimonial. 🙂

  5. The best part about LOTRO for me is that it’s such a family-friendly game. I’ve gotten on with a lot of my family members, especially my wife, as well as siblings, in-laws, and more, to explore Middle Earth and kick some Orc butt. Sometimes we’ve had enough family on to have multiple 6-man fellowships and raids.

    My favorite festival has to be the Fall Festival because it was my first, but the Anniversary Festival has been a lot of fun as well. It’s a game that I’ll keep coming back to. I just wish I had gotten a Lifetime Membership while they were still available. 🙂

  6. I love Lord of the Rings Online because it is a gorgeous game. I love the social interactions, the rich and varied storyline, the quests… I grew up loving the books, and when I first played LOTRO six years ago I really did feel like this was a valid way to bring the books to “life” in a way that was accessible and interactive – the movies are great, but this, you can actually feel like you are participating, being involved, meeting people. It’s great.

  7. Steven Andrews says:

    Ive been playing for about 3 years now. It all started as a random thing because I had no games to play and I just happened to come across this online. I have been immersed in the world since and can’t hardly be pried away. My favorite moments in this game was the raiding in ToO. The companionship developed while trying to conquer a challenge such as those is something I will never forget. I have also had countless good times in the ettenmoors, doing festivals, and just generally doing things with my kinships and in game friends

  8. Nick Arnett says:

    I’ve played a considerable amount of MMORPGs and by far, LOTRO is the best for me. I played without using $ at all up to level 95 and just using TP to buy expansions and such. Now that I’ve played for several years, I decided to buy VIP and other things one might want to enhance their experience. LOTRO has lots of features that other MMORPGs may not have and a wonderful award-winning (thanks to Tolkein) storyline. The game follows right behind and sometimes during the fellowship’s adventure to the Cracks of Doom in Mordor. Recently Fangorn was added to LOTRO, so we are getting close to Gondor and Mordor (in the story that is). LOTRO is available on steam and can run on mac or windows (and linux if you use wine) for free. The game can be challenging or easy depending on what class you pick or which regions you go to. Many of the raids and instances in LOTRO require thinking as well as teamwork and lots of skill so it doesn’t get too boring! The community is great and you can find lots of friendly people to quest with and talk to throughout your adventure in Middle Earth!

  9. I have been playing LOTRO for about 6 months (F2P), and enjoying the ride so far. It has been exciting to see some of the sites and lore from the books and compare them to how I envisioned them and also with how they were depicted in the movies. I am just about to enter into the Lone Lands region and have been wondering what I am going to do once I have gobbled up all of the regions I have. I seen this contest and thought what better way to continue this adventure than with a chance at regions and an expansion that I would otherwise need to grind points and/or scrape up the cash for. To Mount Doom or bust and the continued adventures of Cpt. Comunborn and his archer buddy, “Buddy”.

  10. I’ve been playing Lotro since the beginning. I travel at a pretty slow pace and love exploring all of middle earth. I’ve recently created a free-to-play account for my girls who enjoy watching me play and playing (with some help). They just got their first horse yesterday and were super excited! It would be great to explore all of middle earth with them over time.

  11. I play not so much for the enjoyment but for a greater cause. If I don’t help stop the forces of Mordor, what kind of a virtual world will I leave for my in-game children. That thought keeps me up an night….grinding xp.

  12. I’ve been playing LoTRO for around 5 years now, and I wish I had found it sooner. Starting my little bit of gaming in college, of which my roommates had introduced me to WoW being a LoTR fan I did not like that game (It bugs me I don’t know why.) Soon after I found LoTRO and I have not looked back since. Though few times I have tried other MMO’s but LoTR keeps pulling me back. Especially since I enjoy the world in the books and I’ve been in awe of how Turbine has kept relatively true to the lore.

  13. I’ve never actually played LOTRO because when it first came out, I was really little. Once day I went to a used book shop and they had a copy of the first LOTRO game and I wanted to buy it, but I wasn’t sure if it still worked so I ended up not buying it. I really regret that, but I’d really love to play it. Sadly, my family and I aren’t exactly well set economically, but it would truly make me so happy if I ended up winning a copy since I’ve been a Tolkien fan for pretty much all of my life.

  14. Justin Ashburn says:

    It’s one of the few games that my son and I can spend a whole weekend playing together. Great way to bond!

  15. Started LOTRO in time for the yule festival. The game has been a blast and quite the enjoyment for my family. Probably what I enjoy the most is the ability to causally get on and enjoy the content without pressure of a subscription and then having such good stories intertwine with the landscape and sights of Middle Earth.