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‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” Extended Edition News

le-hobbit-desolation-smaug-poster-thorinPeter Jackson has just confirmed on his Facebook page that there will be an extended edition of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

At the end of his announcement of the name change for The Hobbit: There and Back Again he says, “And there’s also The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Extended Cut, which we’re in the process of finishing, with over 25 mins of new scenes, all scored with original music composed by Howard Shore.”

He didn’t give a release date but The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was released in early November last year, with the digital download being available from late October.


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  1. I’m A Big Fan Of The Hobbit Movies Some day I’ll go to New Zealand for a vacation

    • I vacationed in the north and south of New Zealand, went to Hobbiton and visited as many of the film sites as I could, enjoyed myself very much and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of “middle earth”. I would strongly recommend your visiting New Zealand, you will have a really great time, pleasant travels to you.

      • Hi, Jesse, did you visit the location for Edoras, too?
        Thank you.

        • I did visit Edoras, and it was incredibly beautiful–very windy. The only thing to note is that it is a good two hour drive from Wellington each way, so be prepared to be shuttled to it. I also found that while the tourguide was knowledgeable about the making of the movie, he wasn’t as well versed in the culture and people of Rohan.

          Also, it took some effort to climb to the top of the hill, so much so one of my company couldn’t make it up. But she was at least kept entertained by the cattle 🙂

          Definitely do the full day tour in Wellington.

  2. I love Thorin. I think he’s the best looking man in the world. He’s the perfect man,just the kind I like when men still look like men,and everything wonderful about them that make them men. The song at the end of The Desolation Of Smaug called “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran is absolutely beautiful,and made me cry. The words make you think of the people in the movies,and their struggles,and lives. It’s breathtaking,and touches the soul in all of and the beautiful part of humanity. It doesn’t matter if it’s about Dwarves,or other lives we all struggle in this life.

    • Thorin is a dwarf, not a man. Just sayin.

      • BOOM!!!

      • Thorin’s actually a man dressed like a dwarf. He’s called Richard and he’s English not Dwarvish. Mind you all the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings stuff is English as are most of the actors, don’t know why they didn’t film it in the UK, there’s plenty of unspoilt scenery and windswept mountains to choose from. Something to do with the director being a Kiwi and tax I suspect. Anyhow check Richard out in the M15 series Spooks, he’s top.

  3. Lmao

  4. i like thorin most. cause i can understand him. he is totally my type. soft hearted. i dont wanna see him as a tragic hero. by the way, kili got his partner. legolas needs a beautiful partner too. and also want a VERY HAPPY ENDING. like lord of the rings. then everybody will love it.

    • Well, don’t hope for a happy ending. The story was never a happy tale. Death of almost all popular characters, and of course we know Balin ends up a skeleton to be found in Lord of the Rings by Gimli (gloins son). No it is very tragic and for good reason. The moral of the story is the suffering caused by greed, wars and death and bitter hate are caused by greed. In the end, a Hobbit, who cares only for good food and warm fire in a earthy home, is who remains true and is who all should aspire to be, not wealthy or greedy.
      So don’t get attached to Thorin, as it will be Dain Ironfoot who sits as King after the Hobbit and he is due to appear in the next film.

      • I do like thorin, but I don’t like that he would leave his friends behind over treasure. I also don’t like how he looks down upon Bilbo and the Elves as well. He is corrupt. I almost want to say that because Smaug knew so much about Thorin and called him a Userper which is an interesting title, and the Goblin King recognized him, I want to say that Peter is leaning toward Thorin perhaps had the dragon come to kill Thror so that Thorin could take the kingdom… but that is a wild guess and not book based, just film conjecture.

  5. I really have fell absolutely in love with the Hobbit Movies and I am sad to see that this will be the last movie of the series. Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, and the rest of the cast have brought the stories to life. I have loved the acting of Richard Armitage with his character how he draws you and makes you feel what the dwarves are feeling. Wonderful movies. I will miss them when they are over.

  6. theGhostPony says:

    Still waiting for the extended edition. Haven’t seen Desolation Of Smaug yet (I detest the public cinema experience and the rude people that make it so) and won’t be until it is FINALLY released.

  7. I was waiting for the extended version, too… Found the one with bonus features, thought that was it and bought it, now I’m in a quandary…watch it now, or wait (how long?) until the actual extended version comes out!!!????!!!

  8. Dagenham Andy says:

    I’m another who is waiting with baited breath for the extended cut of the movie. I usually wait for films to go down in price before I buy them, but with the original LotR trilogy and now these films, I will wait for the extended cut and buy full price….

    Funny what liking Hobbitzis do to you…..

  9. It would be nice if Jackson could talk to the people who market his blu rays because they have gone from a fair and fruitful system to a predatory one. The LOTR trilogy was released in regular format and then extended format with additonal goodie packages. This gave people a chance to buy the regular copy or wait for the extended and get the cool statues ect when it was released. The way they have done this with the Hobbit so far is awful. They release the standard version of the film with the statues ect and then offer nothing cool with the extended. Which means what? It means that mega fans are more likely to buy the film twice just to get the statues because it takes and entire year for the extended edition. You would think with all the fan support and praise they give that Jackson would at least pay attention to this so we all don’t get bent over at Best Buy. Fix it MAN!!! I’m not buying this movie 8 times for promotional ish.

  10. They didn’t film it in the UK cause there are plenty of places in the world good for filming in, not just UK. Not everything has to be filmed in the UK. Also LoTR was shot in New Zealand for the scenery to match it had to be New Zealand.

  11. Anyone know if the Extended Version will be out on DVD? The first film was so I hope the 2nd one is too!

    • DVD and Blu-ray release for the Extended Edition is coming up this next week, November 4! It’s already available for digital download from iTunes.

      • I saw that there is a release on now (Nov 24th) for a DVD set (Ultra Violet), but that had a description of Special Edition and did not seem to include the extended 25 minutes worth of extra scenes? Only the Blu-Ray is listed as having the Extended Scenes. Will there be a DVD extended set then? Perhaps it has not been released yet? Not all of us have a Blu-Ray player.