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Tolkien Conference on ‘Nature and Landscape’ in Jena, Germany

582413_10152372657145587_1663381741_nThe Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena, will host the 11th Seminar of the German Tolkien Society (DTG) from 09 to 11 May 2014. The 2014 seminar is going to explore the various aspects of Nature and Landscape in Tolkien’s work and offers twelve papers in German and English.

The Seminar will include, among many other, topics such as Old Forest and Barrow Downs: A Natural Prelude to LotR by Jonathan Nauman or Sympathetic Background in Tolkien’s Prose by Annie Birks.

Selected papers will be published in revised form in “Hither Shore,” the bilingual yearbook of the DTG.


More informations about the Seminar, accomodation, and travel can be found, in English and German, on the homepage of the DTG.

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