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Warriors of the Westfold: Events We’d Like to See in LOTRO

In last week’s Warriors of the Westfold, we talked about the Anniversary Festival, and asked our readers to comment with their LOTRO testimonials. This week, we decided it would be fun to discuss some festivals or in-game events we’d like to see!

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I would love to participate to a treasure hunt that follows the path of the Fellowship of the Ring. The players could create their own fellowships and quest together. Nothing too difficult, but something like finding hidden items along the way together with your friends. I think it would be so much fun and also it’d let the “youngest” players to visit many regions of Middle-earth without dying because of the evil creatures along the road.



Scavenger hunts do have the potential to be pretty awesome! It would be a great way to show off some of the most beautiful/scenic Middle-earth locations. It could also be a way to interact with various iconic characters such as Gandalf or Gollum. I also agree with Maria; a music festival of some kind would be great!


As far as events go, I’m very happy with the ones LOTRO has already put in place. Among my favourites are the seasonal events, such as the Spring/Summer/Fall/Yule festivals, as they tend to offer the most quests and best rewards. Other events, like the Treasure Hunt and Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner, are fun but do not offer as many rewards for the time and effort needed to participate. I think if quests were either more plentiful or had shorter cooldowns, and if there were just a few more rewards to choose from, I would participate more in those events.

Fortunately, when there are no LOTRO-run events going on, there’s always some sort of player-created event on our home server, Landroval, to keep things exciting. I will admit I am not one of those people who can sit through an entire concert from start to finish, but I do love to stop by and check it out for a bit, and maybe try my hand at role-playing.

I agree with Alice that some sort of Middle-earth Scavenger Hunt would be a fun activity, especially for new players who are just finding their way around the game. But I think what I would really like to see at this point is an event which encourages teamwork and role-playing. I am a bit of a lone gamer who would like to become a bit more social, and I think the best way for me would be if I were thrown into an event wherein everyone was role-playing and working together in some capacity.



There are so possible events that would be fantastic if they were real. One possible event that came into my mind was a Music festival, or “Battle of the Bands”. As I’ve mentioned last week, my favorite aspect about the festivals are the concerts everywhere. I cannot but stop and listen everytime I stumble upon someone making music. It would be cool to have many different groups perform and maybe the rest, non-musically talented ones like me, do some music related quests. I could go on with my ideas of how to structure such an event. Oh well, someday maybe!



I agree with the other ladies. I vote for a scavenger hunt!! Going around Middle-earth looking for the next clue, in places you may not have been to before. Could be really fun! It could even be a kinship event to get people to work together more.

What are some events you’d like to see in LOTRO? Leave us a comment below!


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