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Hobbit Tales from Wales Comic Con: The Panel

From  The Hobbit panel at Wales Comic Con we learned that Graham McTavish has a collection of prosthetic noses categorised by dwarf, that rolling resets (when a whole scene is acted again rather than cut) becomes tiring when you’re climbing out of a loo for the fifteenth time, and that Royd Tolkien did a bit of filming for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

In this video Graham and Adam Brown talk about the challenge of running across the New Zealand landscape and being smothered in fish!


But The Hobbit panel wasn’t the only place where there was talk of Peter Jackson. At the Red Dwarf panel earlier in the day Danny John-Jules (Cat) told how, when he was in New Zealand in the late 1990’s, he visited Weta.  Peter Jackson and Weta had not yet found fame with The Lord of the Rings and Weta was very interested in the idea of a film of Red Dwarf. Weta gave Danny a portfolio to give to the Red Dwarf people back in London, which Danny did but there, it seems, it went astray and Weta never heard anything more. The film itself was never made but the story did make the audience wonder just what might have been.

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