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Cast Supports Title Change for Third ‘Hobbit’ Film


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With so many opinions going around regarding Peter Jackson’s recent announcement of a title change for the third and final film in The Hobbit trilogy, fans have been curious to know how the stars of the film are reacting. Earlier this week, Luke Evans spoke with Digital Spy about this very matter.

I actually think it’s absolutely right because when it was two films There and Back Again would’ve been the second film’s title. Now it’s three films it’s become redundant. 

We have the Battle of the Five Armies which we focus on, it’s a very important part of the story. I think it’s right, I think it’s appropriate that it’s changed and I think Peter would’ve thought about it with a lot of care.

I think the decision’s right – when you see the film you’ll understand exactly why. 


Panel at Wales Comic Con with Adam Brown, Graham McTavish, Ken Stott, John Bell, Royd Tolkien, and Mark Atkin

Our own Evie Bowman was fortunate enough to attend Wales Comic Con this past weekend where John Bell, Mark Atkin, Graham McTavish, and Ken Stott had this to say:

John Bell: “I agree with it.”

Mark Atkin: “Then [Peter Jackson] went on to say that, you know the book is ‘There and Back Again’ and all three films are the story in its entirety. So all three can be ‘There and Back Again’ and the three individual movies are three chapters in the saga.”

Graham McTavish: “Certainly when you come to see the film, I think there is a great emphasis on the battle. The battle is a big part of it.” (to the audience member who asked the question) “But I take your point that Bilbo’s journey, which is what the book is about, isn’t in that title. But I think it’s saving ‘There and Back Again’ for the–“

Ken Stott: “–for the fourth”

Graham McTavish: “–for the fourth film.”

(everyone laughs)

Graham McTavish: (laughing) “Excellent. No, for the collection. For the box set, I imagine. I couldn’t have been an easy decision for him, that’s for sure.”

You can read Evie’s whole report of her adventures at Wales Comic Con right here on Middle-earth News.
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