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Choose Your Armor: The Finest T-shirts in Middle-earth

At Middle-earth News, we may all be Tolkien fans, but we have different ways of expressing our love of Middle-earth. Some of us like the good guys, some of us like the bad guys, and some of us are really into trees. But we can all be found sporting some pretty sweet t-shirts.

Lily’s Pick

TheGreenDoor_shirt.wootI got this for myself when it was on sale, and I only wish I had bought more than one! I always get compliments when I wear it (which is quite often). In fact, I wore this shirt to the midnight show of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and though I was raffling off some great prizes, more people wanted to have my shirt than anything else!

Britta’s Picks


I have this one and it’s easily one of my favourites. I mean, it’s just so adorable! 


This is a close second because I love Gandalf; and who doesn’t love the “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” scene? 

Oloriel’s Picks


I’m still really into the galaxy trend, so this tank, to me, is two great tastes that taste great together. It would look super cute with skinny jeans, or flares, or shorts. 


This customizable top features an illustration of Telperion and Laurelin on either the front or back. I love the knotwork!


This is my old standby… I actually own it in two sizes. Tried and true, and, as I prefer, subtle.

Maria’s Pick


At the moment, I own just this one and it is fabulous (the cut for women is great too)!

Valdis’ Pick


I have a, well, rather extensive Tolkien-themed t-shirt collection. It’s hard to pick a favorite, since that does seem to change over time. The one that I shared above is always near the top of the stack, though. I love the design — the red dragon with the dark grey mountain below. I also like that there aren’t any words on the shirt, keeping it a little more subtle.

Anastasia’s Pick


I really like this shirt because The Prancing Pony was sort of a turning point for the hobbits–they met the returning King there,  Frodo slipped the ring on for the first time, and Pippin was just being his awesome self.

Amanda’s Pick


This is a newer addition to my t-shirt collection. I enjoy the fact that it is simple and very clearly lets people know which fandom you are part of. I’ve gotten multiple compliments on it, both at conventions and out in the “real world.” ,-)


The hardest part for us was narrowing down our favorites to just a few choices! Do you own any of these shirts or have favorites that we didn’t mention? Please share in the comments below!


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