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John Callen to Star in ‘Syrenia’

Yesterday, John Callen, known for his portrayal of Oin in The Hobbit trilogy, announced on his Facebook page that he has been cast in the New Zealand feature film Syrenia. Directed by Fraser Grut, Syrenia is about a young boy that “creates a fantasy world through the lens of his home movie camera after the untimely death of his parents.” John Callen has been cast as “Poppa Joseph,” the grandfather. On Facebook, John Callen talked about the film:

I have been cast in as “Poppa Joseph” a stern but loving grandfather in a new feature being shot in New Zealand. The film, Called Syrenia, is the brainchild of a brilliant new young director and is his first feature.Defying the odds that he could make a feature almost directly out of film school Fraser Grut has come up with a script that I think is fascinating – a new and intriguing look at a young boy’s unique way of dealing with tragedy. It transcends age limits and time-frames while developing abstracts into reality and creating an exciting new view of a chosen world. If that sounds a little obscure, all will be revealed in the fullness of time. Shooting in Auckland City thus far has been a most pleasurable experience with a dedicated, enthusiastic and talented young crew.

Syrenia Directed by Fraser Grut

Syrenia Directed by Fraser Grut

You can find further information and behind the scenes stills on the Facebook page of Frog Productions Ltd, the production company of Fraser Grut.

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