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‘Kingdoms of Middle-earth’ Releases Update 10

New KOM picKabam has just recently unveiled its newest update for their wildly popular mobile game, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth. Here is what they had to say about the promised features of Update 10:

Raise your alliance to new heights! Join forces with other players in Middle-earth to make your Alliance stronger than ever with new social features!

NEW ALLIANCE FEATURE: Upgrade you Alliance to enjoy powerful Alliance Buffs and Exclusive Items!

NEW ITEM: Entrust Vala Stones (won from Alliance Bosses in Campaign Mode) to your Alliance to collect Loyalty Points to get valuable prizes, and Alliance Points to redeem benefits for you and your Alliance mates!

NEW SYSTEM: Upgrade and Enhance your Hero Gear to gain an edge over your enemies!

UI improvements to the Sage’s Tower

It appears that not all of these features have been activated in-game just yet. However, the “Upgrade and Enhance” feature seems to be the first one they are setting loose. All players should have received some mail yesterday explaining a bit more about this new feature:

Mighty Heroes of Middle-earth,

The time has come to unlock the true potential of your Gear! Enhance and Upgrade Mighty Middle-earth Hero Gear and dominate Kingdoms of Middle-earth.

Enhance your Gear to unlock powerful additional attributes. Upgrade your Gear to make your attributes stronger and to harness permanent Might for your Kingdom! Be also on the lookout for powerful new Debuff attributes that can counter even the deadliest of Heroes in Middle-earth.

Visit your Forge to improve the quality of your Gear. Enhance each Gear piece by sacrificing your extra or unwanted pieces. Upgrade your Gear with Crimson Crystals. Increase the chances of your success with Valto Runes and your Gear will be leveled up with increased strength.

Crimson Crystals and Valto Runes can be collected in Campaign, by defeating Alliance Bosses, and as special event prizes.

Just today upon logging in, I received a pop-up message that read, “To celebrate the new “Upgrade and Enhance” Feature, we are gifting you with the precious Amulet of the Eldar!” The message had a “Shine of the Eldar” amulet attached.

Hopefully the new social features will be unlocked soon! As an avid player myself, I will be very interested to see where and how they expand upon our Alliances. Until then, Kabam has left us with this new trailer released last week.

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