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An Eagle’s View of Middle-earth – May 21, 2014

The Royal Horticulture Society is hosting A Middle-earth Launch Party this weekend. For more information, please visit their site. And if you can go, take some pictures for us! (spotted by Middle-earth News reporter Alice)

Tolkien’s Beowulf translation will be released tomorrow (have you entered our contest yet?), and Katy Walden at The Slate has her review of Tolkien’s take on the tale of the great warrior from Geatland. She explained, “The fantasy-shaper of Middle Earth was also a “don’s don,” a leading scholar more or less fluent in Greek, Latin, Old English, Welsh, Finnish, and a handful of Germanic Gothic tongues, who modernized medieval lyrics […] I understand how some might prefer Tolkien’s version. The description, stately and involved, seems sprinkled with an Arthurian grandeur; readers who love the Lord of the Rings may resonate to that high diction and steady, exact pacing.” (spotted by Middle-earth News reporter Lily)

At a gala evening at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park earlier this week, two Hobbit actors shared their Arsenal colors…literally. After being accused of being a Chelsea fan, Benedict Cumberbatch was the highest bidder on a red and white scarf put up by fellow Arsenal fan Ian McKellan. Cumberbatch swore, “Next season I’ll be wearing it to every game,” as he fingered the stitching tenderly. Evie)

The most recent episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (because yes, I watch that show!), titled “Mazes and Mutants,” was partially a throwback to the old movie Mazes and Monsters. It was filled with geeky references, including some quotes and allusions to The Lord of the Rings. Not to mention the perpetual LOTR reference of Sean Astin, who played Samwise Gamgee, who voices the character of Raphael. Check it out on your online content provider (I caught it on Hulu) of choice. (spotted by Middle-earth News reporter Lily)


Emil from the LOTR Project spotted this passage from The Hobbit that, I admit, I must usually skim over when I read it. I can’t believe I didn’t remember that the scene from the movie was practically a line-by-line recreation of the book! (spotted by Middle-earth News contributor Maria)

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  1. Omg that last article…that is NOT The Hobbit by Tolkien. Lol read it all the way through…

  2. Okay, someone’s been messing with the book an dwithout looking it up there are already a clue 1. Tolkien would never Ever use such words as “kick ass” then if you do look in the book it will be the same until the first comma were it preceds to discribe how all the SEALED barrals are banging around waiting to be sucked through the gate. If the barrals are sealed how in the world did Bombur jump into one? Also it doesn’t even fit because they leave the Elves undeteched and Bombur would have given that away right in front of the gate and gate elves. So I am just informaning you that you have some false material and incourge you to look it up in your own Hobbit books. I assure you there will be no orc attacks just cramped darwfs and a wet cold hobbit.