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Warriors of the Westfold: Dwarves

Recently, the Warriors of the Westfold have been focusing on creating and playing some Dwarven characters. This week, we’d like to show them off and talk about the race in general!


I had always neglected the race of the Dwarves, I preferred to play pretty Hobbits or pretty Elves. I thought it couldn’t be funny playing with Dwarf who was difficult to dress up and ran in a funny way. But I was totally wrong. Few days ago I decided to create a Dwarf from the Lonely Mountain named Dunthor, because I wasn’t satisfied by my Elf Rune-keeper and I wanted to try that class on another race. Well, I surprisingly started loving my Dwarf from the intro quests, and now I enjoy so much this race and this class. According to the lore, the Dwarves are strong fighters, so they should be Guardians or Champions, but they are also very funny people and, in my opinion, the best way to enjoy the game is to let them doing something “unusual”, like practicing magic with the runes or playing some instrument.


The Dwarves have always been my favourite Middle-earth race. That’s why it comes as no surprise that my most beloved LOTRO character is a Dwarf. It is impossible to deny enjoying their cries of “Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!” as well as their luxurious beards and fierce personalities.

However, I choose to play my Dwarf a bit differently than you would imagine. My Dwarf Hunter, Rumki, is female (at least in my eyes). Currently, the only way to differentiate a female Dwarf from a male Dwarf is to have her wear a dress. At first I felt very alone but I am starting to encounter more and more female Dwarves throughout my travels! Just as I was beginning to feel more comfortable, something occurred to remind me that Dwarves are all largely considered male. The Warriors of the Westfold recently have been building family trees for our Dwarves and Rumki was adopted by Britta’s Dwarf, Brondolfur. Upon completing the adoption, she gained the new title of “Rumki, Son of Brondolfur.” While she was happy to be reunited with her father, she would have much rather been named “Daughter.”


Arwen’s Ode to Her Forgotten Dwarf

This is my ode to the dwarf I created,

Who’s name has been lost ’cause I’ve been heavily sedated.

My stupid wisdom teeth gave me pain,

So the doc said no, to keep them in is insane.

Now that I’m back, my dwarf I will play,

And figure out his name, which would be good, wouldn’t you say?


I created my first Dwarf, Bodivar, about a month ago after realising I had none on Landroval. I had rolled one on Nimrodel about a year or so ago, but as I don’t play on that server anymore, I never get to play as a Dwarf. So I made Bodivar the Minstrel, and immediately fell in love with both the class and the race. Recently, I created a second Dwarf, the Guardian Brondolfur, who I am enjoying just as much. After some of the other Warriors decided to try out the race, we started building some family trees with them; Brondolfur adopted Amanda’s Dwarf, Rumki, and Alice’s Dwarf adopted Maria’s. Previously, most of the other girls had rolled hobbits, while I had Men and Elves. So this turned out to be a fun way to bring us all together via a common race.

My favourite thing about the Dwarves is the battle cry. Of all the races in the game, I just love how ferocious and ready for battle the Dwarves seem – not to mention the beards, which are amazing!

Now that the Spring Festival is here, my goal is to pursue Kindred status with the Ale Association and get both of my Dwarves the Ale Association goat!



When the idea first came up to write about our dwarves I was hesitant. While I’ve created my dwarf champion Bornur already a while ago, he never made it out of the intro. Everyone was so excited about playing a dwarf so I decided to give Bornur a second chance. And I love every bit of him. I’m not sure if it’s the champion class (which I’ve never tried before), or the combination of the race and class, all I know is that levelling up was so easy and enjoyable. There is still a lot for me to learn about the race of dwarves and I’m looking forward for it!


I “created” my dwarf, Miliori, months and months ago but only recently made him real in game. I think originally I wanted to name him Milori, but the name was taken. I don’t feel much of a connection with the race of dwarves, but I knew I wanted to make one and make it special. I love Miliori and sadly he’s only around level 10. I haven’t had the time to really explore Middle-earth with him yet. Creating him was so fun because dwarves have AWESOME choices for hair styles and facial hair; it took me hours to decide on a look.

I consider Miliori to be the wisest of all my characters, and I see him as their guide and a sort of father figure. Or just the really cool uncle.

Do you have any Dwarven characters in LOTRO? Tell us all about him (or her!) in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for your article and great site.

    I’m ashamed to admit I started playing a dwarf to avoid being hit around Bree… Not that I disliked the attention but was just not interested in online romances. Anyway, I noticed that a dwarf with me behind the keyboard got a lot less smiles than a man and so had the desirable effect most of the time. Then I got to enjoy Rieslin my dwarf immensely. Ironically, in RP terms Rieslin ended up as a very sociable flirt working at the Pony 🙂 Anyway, eventually I rolled more dwarves and so developed a more complex character to roleplay , Nibun. He is a bard so I get to write songs with lyrics. These became very involved. To keep consistency with the world I was led to Tolkien’s works… I read them all again, used Arda encyclopedia, Foster’s guide and so on to keep consistency in my songs. Eventually I joined a dwarf only kin on Laurelin, Khuzd Belkul. Using work from MERP, the leader has put together a dictionary of neo Khuzdul over 600 pages long and he’s the expert on all things dwarven. We’re currently preparing a dwarrow play using some of the added lore on dwarves by MERP. I actually have a new song on the demise of the fair-bearded maiden Nisi of the Stonefoots… We actually do have female dwarves too who love their characters immensely. They tend to wear dresses inside halls but when outside they dress like us. If you guys ever want to join up for groups or roleplay IM Nibun on Laurelin or Landroval.