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An Eagle’s View of Middle-earth – May 29, 2014


You know what we can never get enough of? Silmarillion cosplay! Check out this awesome cosplay of Maedhros and Maglor from ACEN. There are more awesome pics of this cosplay and projects in the works at (spotted by Middle-earth News contributor Myla)

James at A Tolkienist’s Perspective wrote an interesting blog post arguing that Ungoliant could be one of the Maiar or perhaps a product of the void that existed before the Music of the Ainur. He got so much feedback on this post, that he decided to do a follow up blog to respond to everyone’s comments. Make sure to read both posts for some thought-provoking discussion on arguably (from Middle-earth News contributor Jim)


Speaking of Ungoliant, this impressive rendition by rubendevela on DeviantArt illustrates the showdown between Ungoliant and Melkor. I apologize in advance if I’ve given you nightmare fodder for tonight! (spotted by Middle-earth News contributor Myla)

If you’ve ever wanted to own a portrait of actor Ian McKellen, you’ll have ample opportunities at tonight’s “McKellen Me Softly” event, a one-night art show and party put on by Geeks OUT. The night will involve an auction of over two dozen original works of art depicting McKellen, who Geeks OUT founder Jono Jarrett said, “is the happy hero we need.” (spotted by Middle-earth News reporter Lily)

I was just watching TV and a new Google Play commercial came on and Smaug was in it (advertising The Lord of the Rings trilogy available on Google Play)! It was exciting. (spotted by Middle-earth News reporter Amanda)

Every day, our Middle-earth News reporters seek out Tolkien/Hobbit/LOTR goodness and tag their finds with their names. If you have something to contribute, please submit it using the Got News Precious link at the bottom of the page.

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