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Turn Your Room into Middle-earth with Hobbit Murals from Wallsauce


“Erebor” | Image Copyright Wallsauce

What Tolkien fan wouldn’t want a piece of Middle-earth in their room? Thanks to Wallsauce, our geeky dreams have finally come true! As Middle-earth News reported this past January, the UK-based company offers fans a wide variety of fully licensed murals from The Hobbit films. Even better, new murals from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug have now been added to their inventory.

Wallsauce’s Hobbit murals are custom printed to fit your wall space, thanks to their user-friendly sizing chart which allows you to see how the image will appear on your wall. Customers have a choice between ordering their mural in either standard wallpaper or self-adhesive fabric. Live outside the UK? No worries, Wallsauce murals are available worldwide.

If Middle-earth isn’t the only fandom you love, Wallsauce also offers murals for Star Trek, Justice League, Batman, and Superman fans, not to mention many others revolving around sports, landscapes, travel, transportation, space and even custom graphic design.

For more information or to browse Wallsauce’s Hobbit murals, click here. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Lily Milos says:

    My favorite is their map of The Shire…oh, or the one of Gandalf walking in The Shire! But how cool would it be to have that long, panoramic one of Thorin’s Company behind a bar? It would look like you were having an unexpected party of your own!

  2. Alice Greenleaf says:

    My favourite is Gandalf in The Shire, but also Erebor and the entrance of the woodland realm!

  3. One of each, please. 🙂

    But, Wallsauce: You have 2 Kili murals and 0 Thorin? What’s up with that? Just asking.