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Call for Papers: On Fairy Stories

The German Tolkien Society (DTG) has sent out a call for papers for their upcoming Tolkien Seminar in co-operation with the Institute for British, American, and Romance Studies at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany from May 1st until May 3rd 2015.

The seminar is seeking for contributions on Tolkien’s scholarly study on fantastic literature “On Fairy-stories”. The range of analysis can vary from the reception to effect of “On Fairy-Stories”:

We invite anyone to send in proposals for papers investigating the ideas in as well as the effects of “On Fairy-stories.” Possible papers might deal with the text’s role in literary history or the theoretical framework of the text; they might give consideration to cultural and historical aspects of the contemporary process of its inception, or take a look at its reception. Philosophical studies from an ontological or a speech-act theory point of view are as desirable as theological studies on the specifics of the metaphysics as elaborated on in the text. The range of possible topics also includes art-historical studies on Tolkien’s aesthetics; the type of functionalism developed in the text; and also psychological treatments dealing, for instance, with the concept of escapism presented by Tolkien. You are, of course, free to go beyond the thematic ideas suggested here and outline other positions from which to approach “On Fairy-stories.”

The conference languages will be German and English. The deadline for proposals is November 30th 2014 and should be send, along with a short outline, to the editors of Hither Shore at

For more information, please visit the homepage of the German Tolkien Society.

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