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MTV Reveals Funko Pop BOTFA Line

Earlier today MTV revealed pictures and information on The Hobbit‘s newest Funko Pop! figures for The Battle of the Five Armies. The figures include Tauriel, Smaug and as a nice surprise, Sauron! Who would have thought that the Dark Lord could look so cute? The super-sized 6″ Smaug figure comes in two variants, one with blacked out eyes and one with golden eyes. Are you eager to get your hands on these? The wait isn’t much longer now, the figures will be available to purchase starting in October!

Tauriel Funko via MTV News

Smaug via MTV News

Sauron via MTV News


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  1. OMG these are sooo adorable!! CAN’T WAIT!! perfect for my birthday present 😀

  2. Sauron is one of my favs, I cant wait for them to be released

  3. I’m loving Smaug but I’m still waiting for Kili (and Fili).