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Celebrate Tolkien Week with Our Limerick Contest

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In honour of Tolkien Week (and Feast Week), Middle-earth News is holding a Tolkien-inspired Limerick Contest. The rules are simple and anyone is free to participate. This is your chance to write a limerick on anything Tolkien – the Professor or his work – that inspires you. The contest starts today and will run until 11:59 p.m. EDT on September 28. The winner, which the Middle-earth News staff shall judge to have written the best limerick, will be announced on October 3, 2014.

To enter, simply write your limerick in the comments box below.

Limerick Guidelines:

  • Remember, a limerick is a silly poem with FIVE LINES.
  • They are often funny or nonsensical.
  • The first, second and fifth lines rhyme with each other and have the same number of syllables (typically 8 or 9).
  • The third and fourth lines rhyme with each other and have the same number of syllables (typically 5 or 6).
  • Limericks often start with the line “There once was a…” or “There was a…”

I’ll start.

There once was a hobbit with big feet
One day a dwarf he happened to meet
Thorin was his name
Erebor he wished to claim
But first a mighty dragon to beat

Now it’s your turn!

Limerick contest information and rules: 

  • Create one Tolkien-inspired limerick poem. Only ONE limerick poem per person!
  • Please submit your limerick in the comment section below. 
  • The contest will run for 1 week, from Sunday, Sep. 21, 2014 to Sunday, Sep. 28, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.
  • All limericks submitted must be YOUR original work and free of copyright infringement.
  • Nothing disrespectful, out of line, or exceeding a PG-13 rating will be allowed. We have the right to disqualify any submission that does not comply.
  • Anyone from anywhere can enter. No age or location restrictions.
  • ONE Grand Prize Winner will be selected by our Staff and announced on Oct. 3, 2014. Honourable mentions will be issued at our discretion.
  • The Grand Prize to be fulfilled by our Sponsors – they will be sending the prizes directly to the winner.

Grand Prize:

  • 1 Gloin Statue from Weta Workshop
  • 1 Hobbit journal, 2 buttons, and 1 laptop decal from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • 1 Medium Bag End Model from The Middle-earthTM Collection

Middle-earth News wishes to send out a huge THANK YOU to our generous sponsors, without whom this contest would not be possible (or at least not nearly as awesome)!

Weta Workshop

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Colin Patten (The Middle-earthTM Collection)

Colin Patten Bag End Model



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  1. Gollum loves riddles, yes?
    He thinks they are the best
    if he wouldn’t have been beaten
    a little hobbitses he would’ve eaten
    but bilbo had the precious in his vest!

  2. Jose Pasillas says:

    In a land of green hills known as The Shire, Lived a little Hobbit whom we all admire, On a Dwarf’s quest he bravely invested, To Dragon’s Lair where his courage was tested, He proved his virtue was more fierce than fire.

  3. The Hobbits who sat by the fire
    At the Green Dragon Inn in The Shire
    Agreed’- ‘That Bilbo’s mad!
    He’s not like his Dad
    He’s gone off as a burglar for hire!!’

  4. Reiner Hauser says:

    The goblin king so fat and tall
    sat in his old and dirty hall
    when sword and light
    came sharp and bright
    and down the throne his head did fall

  5. There once was a hobbit named Bilbo,
    Who lived in a hole by a willow.
    Then Gandalf said, “Come!”
    And the hobbit did run,
    But he wished many times for his pillow.

  6. Charlynn Fields says:

    There once was a place called Middle Earth
    Elves, Men, and Dwarves it did give birth
    Little did they know
    How much we would show
    One little hobbit could bring such mirth

  7. “The Rivalry”
    There once was an elf tall and dwarf stout
    Competing for total foes taken out
    An oliphaunt the elf killed
    While the dwarf, less than thrilled
    “That still only counts as one!” he’d shout.

  8. Nicolas Roberts says:

    There once was a wizard named Tolkien,
    who crafted a world and put folk in.
    The dwarves hate the elves.
    Hobbits keep to themselves.
    And Gandalf fights darkness while smokin’.

  9. Cassima Lynx says:

    The once was a Ranger who walked in the North,
    but when the time came he set forth,
    and with Hobbits you see,
    he saved the white tree,
    and claimed the great crown of Gondor.

  10. Cassima Lynx says:

    I like it ♡

  11. There once was a dragon of old.
    Who slept in a mountain of gold.
    An arrow could not pierce.
    Because he was so fierce.
    You see the dragons heart was cold.

  12. Cassima Lynx says:

    them* as in all of the poetry. :3

  13. Sarah Courtis says:

    There once was a guy they called Eru
    He never had anything to do
    He said “let there be light”
    And it turned out alright
    But he didn’t have much follow through.

  14. Nordhild Wetzler says:

    A spider named Ungoliant,
    as monstruos as she was giant.
    A hunger unstilled,
    Morgoth near she killed,
    for he had been most defiant.

  15. Ringwraith’s Bane – Or, How To Distract A Nazgûl Without Really Trying

    This was once a Ringwraith named Khamûl’s,
    While he searched for one Ring without jools,
    Though he sniffed and he sniffed,
    Wand’ring Hobbits he missed –
    All because of a bag full of toadstools!

  16. Lenka 'Blanca' Lukac says:

    There was dwarven king named Thorin,
    who never heard dragon’s roaring;
    never went on a quest,
    sat on his treasure chest,
    wouldn’t such life be just boring?

  17. There it began with a ring of smoke,
    Destiny called…the smallest of folk,
    To darkness and light
    Pain, courage and fight,
    His challenge unknown til something woke!

  18. There ones was a dwarf
    His name was Bombur
    He was a fat one
    Loved to eat but never talked
    But he had an epic barrel scene

  19. There ones was a wizard
    Gandalf was his name
    He loved to do fireworks
    But one day he met Bilbo
    And that’s how adventure started

  20. Golfimbul
    There ones was was a dragon
    His name was Smaug
    He sat on gold
    But he comes Thorin and Bilbo
    Oops but Thorin chicken out

  21. Strider was reluctant to be king.
    His sword guarded bearer of the ring.
    He came into his own.
    On his way to the throne.
    At the coronation he did sing.

  22. Three rings for the elves
    seven for the dwarves who smell
    nine for mortal men
    who we forget now and then
    and one ring that came straight from hell!

  23. Jihane Abouzeid says:

    There once sat two wizards debating,
    O’er which pursuit’s more elating,
    The Grey exclaimed, “’Tis the leaf!”
    The Brown stared in disbelief,
    “Shrooms by far, leaf is much too sedating!”

  24. There once was a mountain rather tall
    Elf lords and dwarves they wanted it all
    The gold in its stone
    The gems on the throne
    But alas! Dragons are in the hall!

  25. There once was a short sword named Sting,
    whose hobbit friend carried a ring.
    If you see Sting turn blue,
    and this sword is near you,
    time to flee unless battle you bring.

  26. Good job! I used to write but now it takes me forever to get a line out without coffee lol. Would love to see more!

  27. Wendy Brown says:

    Was the winning limerick chosen yet? I’m running out of lembas bread and tea. Very anxious to find out and also read the winning poem. Thank you

  28. Hobbits – in their carts and wagons
    Simply have no use for dragons
    An adventure? No way
    Is what they’d all say
    Unless his name is B. Baggins.