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Feast Week, Day 2: Sleeping Outdoors

‘Leaving the road they went into the deep resin-scented darkness of the trees, and gathered dead sticks and cones to make a fire. Soon they had a merry cackle of flame at the foot of a large fir-tree and they sat round it for a while, until they began to nod.’  -The Fellowship of the Ring, Chapter 3: Three is Company

On the second day of their journey, the hobbits slept outdoors. Weather permitting, you can celebrate day two of Feast Week by doing the same.


I enjoy spending time in the woods and cooking things over an open fire. When I am outside, I find I prefer simple meals rather than some of the more complex ones I tend to make in my home. In this case, I simply grabbed some of my favourite snacks that would be quick and easy to enjoy on the go.

This year we have: apples, carrots, taters, and chicken sausage. If you’re not feeling much like cooking, the fruits and veggies can always be eaten raw, and the sausage doesn’t take long at all.

Best of all, there was pumpkin pie for dessert, as we are now welcoming autumn (and what hobbit doesn’t like pie?). You might also consider (if you are of legal drinking age, of course!) pairing your meal with a hard cider or pumpkin ale.

Should you decide to roast some meat and veggies over a campfire, please take the necessary precautions and follow all local laws regarding fire safety. And if you’re sleeping outdoors tonight, enjoy!

We’d love to hear how you’re celebrating Feast Week – leave us comments below, or find us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Feast Week!

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