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Weta Workshop’s Latest ‘The Hobbit’ Merchandise

Without a doubt, Weta Workshop creates some of the most beautiful prop replicas and movie merchandise in the world! And now we Tolkien fans have even more products to tempt our wallets. Which is your favorite?

To see all of the items available to purchase, visit their official site here.

New Zealand as Middle-earth v2.0

Weta released a map of New Zealand as Middle-earth before, but sadly it is no longer available on their site. But don’t fret! A new and updated map was released very recently and not only does it include locations and sites from LOTR, it also shows the ones for The Hobbit. As if that isn’t amazing enough, this version is twice the size of the first one. How much more does this make you want to visit all of these places?

The map is by Daniel Falconer and like the product description says, it looks like most of the country was used for these films. The print is priced at $24.99 USD and is available to buy now!


Smaug – King Under the Mountain

If this super-sized replica of Smaug is not in your budget and you still want to have your own figure of the menacing dragon, you have the option to pre-order this smaller version for $125 USD. Weighing about 1.5 pounds and measuring 3.1″ x 9.1″ x 5.9″ (H x W x D), it’s the perfect size to watch over your Tolkien collection in case any unwanted visitors stop by.

This statue was sculpted by Gary Hunt and shows Smaug nestled in the treasure of Erebor. He looks extremely comfortable, don’t you think? It’s almost as if you can see the smugness on his face, which I love! But I think my favorite part about the statue is that there are so many coins that it spills over the edge.

Portrait of Bilbo Baggins – Art Print

We first saw this portrait in An Unexpected Journey over two years ago when older Bilbo finds it in his journal, and now you finally have the chance to purchase it. It’s definitely something on my wishlist.

Created by the incredibly talented Daniel Reeve, the print measures 11.4″ x 8.1″ (H x W x D) and costs $14.99 USD. It’s the perfect addition to any fan’s home! To make it appear as authentic as possible, the edges are diecut to make it look like it came straight from Middle-earth. Display it in your office, bedroom, living room, wherever you like! Bring a little bit of Bag End into your life.


Bard the Bowman

On the roof of a home in Lake-town and with a grave and determined expression, Bard looks ready to take down anything that is threatening his home and family. This statue of Bard the Bowman was also sculpted by Gary Hunt and it is priced at $299.00 USD and measures 15″ x 11″ x 9.1″ (H x W x D).

All of Weta’s products are superb and this statue is certainly no exception. Bard is posed in such a dynamic way, it’s almost as if you expect him to leap off and do heroic stunts. I don’t know about you, but I am very tempted to order this. Time to gather all the pennies from the couch cushions!


Staff of Saruman the White

I know I’m not alone when I say that seeing Saruman back on the big screen was great! Especially butt-kicking Saruman. Weta has released the staffs of Gandalf, Radagast and even Thranduil, it seems only fitting that they would complete the series with the White Wizard’s.

Priced at $249.00, the staff measures, 75.2″ x 2.6″ x 2.6″ (H x W x D), that’s over six feet tall! This prop replica was created by the 3 Foot 7 Art Department and is produced from the molds of the original weapon used that you see in the films. The staff comes with a black metal bracket so you can easily display this brilliant piece of Middle-earth to show off to all of your friends.

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  1. The portrait of Bilbo is so beautiful, I’m tempted to buy it! And I think I’ll buy it. 😛
    I’ve never purchased something from the Weta Shop, this could be a good opportunity for me to bring at home a piece of Middle-Earth! *.*