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Black Arrow Replica Available from Weta Workshop

Weta Workshop has released their replica of the legendary Black Arrow and it is indeed a beauty! The arrow measures over six feet tall and is made from metal reinforced fibreglass with a urethane head and vinyl fletching. It also comes with two urethane hooks so you can proudly display it on your wall (or like Bard, you can put it in your kitchen to hang up rags, spices and herbs).

From Weta Workshop

Dimensions: 75.2″ x 47.2″ x 4.7″ (H x W x D) 191 cm x 120 cm x 12 cm

In happier days, when the peoples of Dale and Erebor enjoyed prosperity and peace, the defences of the city of Dale were manned, but few believed they would ever be needed.

When the Dragon Smaug fell upon Dale, its people were ill prepared and many perished amid the flame and ruin of the beast’s first assault. Only one of the city’s wind lances would loose its black iron bolts at the Dragon.

Guided by the sharp eyes and brave hands of Girion, Lord of Dale, long black arrows, each as tall as a man, flew at Smaug. Most would glance harmlessly off the Wyrm’s armoured hide, but one alone struck true, finding its mark and knocking loose a single scale from the Dragon’s underside to expose a tiny patch of unprotected flesh near his heart.

Vulnerable as the Dragon now was, Girion would never have his final shot. Dale was destroyed and Smaug proceeded to sack the Dwarf city of Erebor, leaving the last of the wind lances and its remaining black arrow standing, an impotent monument to their defeat.

Hanging as an heirloom in the home of Bard, a humble ferryman in Lake-town and descendant of Girion, it would be generations before a black arrow would fly again…

This is a Limited Edition piece of 1,500 so don’t delay. Order your own Black Arrow from Weta’s site now!

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