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Chinese ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Reimagined

A while ago, Middle-earth News introduced Jian Guo’s beautiful (digital) stained glass art. Now, Guo’s amazing art work will adorn an upcoming Chinese translation of The Lord of the Rings. As part of a competition held by WenJing Publishing, Guo incorporated Mandarin characters into his monochromatic illustrations.

Jian Guo is a freelance illustrator from the People’s Republic of China and was introduced to Tolkien’s Legendarium through Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy. Nowadays, he re-reads LOTR every two years, each time he’ll be so immersed in Middle-earth he’ll “keep reading throughout the whole night“.  Guo adopted this glass painting style for his interpretation of Middle-earth to tell a story that ” was endowed with a sense of religious magnificence “.

You can see more of Jian Guo’s beautiful art at his DeviantArt portfolio, including Harry Potter and World of Warcraft inspired art.

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