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The Field of Cormallen by TolmanCotton

Year 3018 – The Lord of the Rings

April 12

  • Gandalf reaches Hobbiton

It was over nine years since Frodo had seen or heard of him [Gandalf], and he had begun to think that the wizard would never return and had given up all interest in hobbits. But that evening, as Sam was walking home and twilight was fading, there came the once familiar tap on the study window.

[The Lord of the Rings, Book 1, chapter 2: The Shadow of the Past]

Year 3019 – The Lord of the Rings

April 6

  • Meeting of Celeborn and Thranduil

April 8

  • The Ring-bearers are honoured on the Field of Cormallen

Year 3020 – The Lord of the Rings

April 6

  • The mallorn flowers in the Party Field


This Week in Middle-earth is two years old now! For me, Alice, it’s been amazing running this column for so much time. It’s the reason why I joined Middle-earth News and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

The first year, I managed to set up a map of Middle-earth highlighting the places where the events took place, while this year I decided to pick some pieces of fan art concerning the most important things that happened in the story. But, now? Well, after two whole years, it’s time to move on. This Week in Middle-earth will no longer appear every Saturday here on Middle-earth News, but you can expect some updates about the events of Middle-earth on our social media. So, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

Last, but not least, I’d like to thank you all for the amazing support you always shown us. – Alice

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  1. Congratulations! Keep it coming! :] Middle Earth News is great! :]

  2. Wow congrats! I have to say these are propably my favorite posts. I often will yell at my family what happened today or what will happen soon 🙂

    • Alice Greenleaf says:

      Thanks so much Gem, your comment made my day! Stay tuned on our social media 😉