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Cinematographer Andrew Lesnie Dies at 59

Oscar-winning cinematographer Andrew Lesnie has reportedly passed away on Monday, April 27th 2015.


A spokesman from the Australian Cinematographers Society said “We have been advised of the sudden death of Andrew” but that his family would make an official statement at a later time.

The Sydney filmmaker was reknowned for his camera work and worked on notable projects such as Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), Babe (1995), I Am Legend (2007), and most recently on The Water Diviner, the directorial debut of Russell Crowe.

However, Lesnie was best known for his groundbreaking work on Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy. In 2002, Lesnie won an Academy Award For Best Cinematography in 2002 for The Fellowship Of The Ring. That same year, Lesnie was inducted into the Australian Cinematographers Society Hall of Fame.

The international film industry is saddened and shocked by the news.

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  1. Such shocking, sad news. 🙁 He seemed like such a nice person. These movies wouldn’t have been the same without him.

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