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Happy Birthday to Our Executive Director Arwen Kester!


Happy birthday Arwen Kester, Middle-earth News Executive Director! Photo credit: Lily Milos.

Help us wish a happy birthday to our esteemed leader, Middle-earth News Executive Director Arwen Kester! It was Arwen’s vision and drive that created Middle-earth News, assembled the staff that is a second family, and planted the seeds of the wonderful community that has grown through this site and our mutual love of Tolkien.

As part of the celebration, some of the Middle-earth News staff answered the following questions about the birthday lass.


Photo credit: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures.

Which Tolkien character does Arwen most remind you of?

  • She reminds me of Eowyn. She has some skill with a blade (I hope you read that in Aragorn’s voice), she’s very determined and unafraid to do what’s right. She also kind of reminds me of Arwen which might be because of her name, haha. (Myla)
  • Aragorn. (Evie)
  • Eowyn. (Alice)
  • My choice is perhaps not an obvious one: Goldberry. Goldberry has a warm and bright heart, and is patient but fearless. She has a deep love of the natural world and the creatures in it. (Valdís)

Photo credit: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures.

What would be the perfect birthday gift for Arwen?

  • Learning cool sword moves from Eowyn and then relaxing in the Shire with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other while Sam and Rosie babysit her kids. (Myla)
  • Having some sword lessons from Eowyn and then taking supper together and telling stories. (Evie)
  • A sword! (Alice)
  • A lovely, hobbit dinner with Bilbo and Frodo at Bag End. After dinner, there would be glasses of Old Winyards in the garden, while Gandalf entertains her children with fireworks and Bilbo tells stories. (Valdís)

‘The Unexpected Party,” by the Brothers Hildebrandt.

Who is Arwen’s favorite cast member?

  • I’m going with Billy Boyd. (Myla)
  • Miranda Otto. (Evie)
  • Honestly I don’t know! Evangeline Lilly? (Alice)
  • I’m going to say Benedict Cumberbatch. (Valdís)

What is a one-word description of Arwen?

  • Dedicated. (Myla)
  • Strong. (Evie)
  • Strong. (Alice)
  • Dreamer. (Valdís)

Photo credit: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures.

Which weapon would Arwen choose for battle?

  • Anduril! (Myla)
  • Sword. (Evie)
  • Again, a sword 🙂 (Alice)
  • Sword, clearly. I imagine she would be amazing with two swords, like Thranduil’s. (Valdís)

Happy birthday, Arwen, from your Middle-earth News family! We hope it will be a birthday to remember!

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