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10 Minutes with John Howe – Exclusive Video from J’aime Pas l’Actu

Our friends at the French news site J’aime Pas l’Actu have a special treat to share! They landed a rare interview with John Howe, renowned artist and conceptual designer. You’ll know doubt know him from his beloved illustrations of Tolkien’s legendarium and his work in the art department for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films.

This interview was conducted when Howe had just returned home to Switzerland from New Zealand. The interview was conducted in French, but has English subtitles, and covers topics such Howe’s view that the films and his own illustrations are simply “proposals” of the visual universe of Middle-earth, whether Tolkien’s writing should be adapted for the screen, and which race in Middle-earth is Tolkien’s “only pure invention.”

This exclusive footage of comes with thanks to our friend Sébastien Sigaut of Click here to see J’aime Pas l’Actu’s exclusive HobbitCon Video Coverage Teaser.

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