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Exclusive Offer for Oloris Art Books


Our friends over at Oloris Publishing are offering you, our readers, a 10% discount with the code MENEWSFRIEND on any of their art books until May 30! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Oloris, it is an independent publisher run by dedicated volunteers who share a love for science fiction and fantasy. So if you’re a fan of beautiful artwork and Middle-earth, hurry up and take advantage of this deal!

From Oloris:

“Our passion is to print high quality edition books of fantasy, science fiction, art, and poetry. We love to showcase new authors and artists with a unique and fresh vision to be published. We need your help to bring this vision to life. We currently have two art books from Joe Gilronan and John Cockshaw ready to be published, we just need a little more push to meet our sales goal so they can be printed. To reach our goal we just need to sell 50 more editions of Joe Gilronan’s book and 80 more of John Cockhaw’s book.

Each book is printed in full color on beautiful 9″x12” high quality paper and comes with the option of deluxe packages such as collectible art and post card sets. You can get each book for a discounted pre-order price until June 15. If we meet our sales goals we can print Joe Gilronan’s From the Shire to the Sea and John Cockshaw’s Wrath, Ruin, and a Red Nightfall in June and ship them in July. We greatly appreciate any help you can give us to get these gorgeous art books into your hands!”

You can buy each book separately or in a bundle that includes Jenny Dolfen’s Songs of Sorrow and Hope and you can add The Iron Parachute, a graphic novel by renowned artist Cor Blok, with your order.

From the Shire to the Sea: The Art of Joe Gilronan

The pages of this book of art are filled with beautiful, pastoral scenes from the Shire, yet span the spectrum to alarming pictures of the Ringwraiths on horseback. Text includes the artist’s comments about the image, the technique used, and his ponderings about the scenes in relation to the stories. Gilronan is very involved with the project, carefully selecting the works to be included in addition to writing the text.


Wrath, Ruin, and a Red Nightfall: The Art of John Cockshaw

Explore the wilds of your imagination. In Wrath, Ruin, and a Red Nightfall, John Cockshaw brings landscape and macro-photography together with digital art to create hauntingly beautiful images. This collection is a wonderfully refreshing vision of fantasy worlds well-travelled where you can look through John’s eyes to see natural landscapes overlaid with layers of light and darkness, familiarity and strangeness, wonder and danger. Presented with passages that inspired them, along with poems, essays, and reflections, each art piece becomes an insight into what lies beyond words on a page and brings you to the meeting place between story and your own imagination. Photographed in locations including the UK, Austria, and Tunisia.

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